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  1. l Thanks very much Bayleaf. I wonder if any body knows where any records of the Home Guard in Sheffield are kept. It would be great if i could find someone who was in the Home Guard maybe even someone who new my father. My dad was 22 years old when the war broke out in 1939. My mother told me that my father used to tell her when he went to the Home Guard after work that he had been guarding the Middlewood Tavern, Oh if only my wife was so gullable!!. WOBBLE
  2. Thanks for the reply Skeets. My dad worked in the steel works until he had to finish with Angina. Where was Norbury Hall? would you have had any contact with the Home Guard from Wadsley.
  3. My father worked in the steel works at Wardsend rolling mills during the war. He was not allowed to join the army due to his job being essential to the war effort. My dad never spoke much about the war years but we knew he joined in the home guard. My dad was called Harry Crapper and lived in the Hillsborough area. Whilst reading a book "Hillsborough and her people" i saw a photograph of B Company Home Guard taken on Wadsley Common and my dad is there. Does anyone have any information about B Company and does anyone know how i could find out about who the recruits were. If anyone has any info about either B Company or my father i would very grateful.