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  1. Wow - talk about a small world - the link took me right to my cousin's son Damien who is on here too. His Granddad is my uncle! Haven't seen any of my British relatives since 1976 - simply amazing! Thank you - Carole
  2. Hi -I was born in Sheffield but left for Canada when I was 5 - 60 years ago. I have always heard about my Grandfather, William Saynor making this knife with a record number of attachments and that it was in the Sheffield Museum. I have just finished my Saynor/Gillott Family Tree and want to put extra information in like this. Would anyone here have any photos or know where I might find this kind of information? It might have been the Weston Park Museum as I do remember going there a lot, plus as silly as this might sound - I remember a Polar Bear that was still there in 1976 when I returned for a visit to my home town. Thanks in advance for any help.