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  1. Hi Sheffield Admin History thank you so much for all your help, sorry been off the scene for a while due to have a neck operation which has left me somewhat immobile, if you find out anything more it would be much much appreciated. Many thanks again for all your efforts in helping me trace the history of Inkersall House, Hackenthorpe. Kind regards Helen Rodgers
  2. Hi does anyone have any memories of Inkersall House, I am trying to find out as much as I possibly can regarding its history, who lived there etc dates, photos, who was James Willam Le Tall who owned it a long long time ago? Anything would be really much appreciated. I know it used to be a business address, and recently a family residence. I understand there was a big fire and a lot of the period features were destroyed. Does anyone have any photos of how it looked inside or outside? Does anyone know anything about who built it? and what position they held within the village? My brother bought this house three years ago and is trying to restore it to its former glory and I would love to be able to present him with a historical account of his house in a book form to keep him motivated whilst restoring it. Many thanks Helen Rodgers