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  1. Absolutely fascinated by these images and the differences and similarities. Here's an animation: https://i.imgur.com/O6hYAdp.gifv
  2. It is actually inside the Crucible nowadays, on the wall. I'm surprised the staff in the theatre were unaware! The small meeting room upstairs, in the cube above the entranceway (where the colourful signage is) is called the Adelphi Room. As you walk in the main Crucible Theatre doors, turn to the right and follow the wall around to find the stairs to the Adelphi room. The plaque is around there (unless it has been moved in the last couple of years). It is definitely in there as recently as 4 September this year as a friend took this photo when making a pilgrimage around notable locations in Sheffield Wednesday's history for the 150th anniversary:
  3. Some of the original features are still there. Does that shop premises still go through to that 'back' entrance behind John Lewis??
  4. Could the building under the ‘A’ be the Royal Hallamshire Hospital?
  5. You've touched on one of the buildings with an amazing modern history here!!! In more recent years this building was the home of Gremlin Graphics/Gremlin interactive (later Infogrames Sheffield), where they made classic games like Monty Mole, Zool, Motorhead, Fatal Racing, Actua Soccer, the official Euro 96 game, the Premier Manager series of games and loads, loads more. In fact, Gremlin bought DMA design in Scotland - the people who made Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings - before eventually being bought out by Infogrames (who also bought Atari). They moved from the offices above in the picture to a now demolished building near Devonshire Green that was to be named 'Atari Sheffield House' before they pulled the plug on that. After it was closed down the founders of Gremlin Graphics went on to found some other tech companies including Zoo Digital, Sumo Digital and more - some of which work on top-tier games right here in Sheffield nowadays (although more in a contractor sense than full developer for themselves), and Sumo are one of the leaders in emerging Virtual Reality development currently. Gremlin came from the owners of the small Just Micro computer shop that was located here too. I believe the offices are now a call centre. Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gremlin_Interactive Some more info: And a history (some old footage of/in the building briefly shown):
  6. It was a purpose-built place, right next to Sheffield Arena on the Attercliffe Road side. Opened mid-late 90's and close about 2001ish??
  7. That corridor from Hotshots to Pulse was strange. You could go into it sober, come out in the 'mothership' of Pulse and feel like you'd had 20 pints.
  8. Anyone remember 'Roger the imposter'? A caller that used to call Roger Kirk up and was called 'Roger' and had everyone in the region going mad and calling in after his 'unusual' discussions. lol
  9. The best place in the world for TV stuff: http://www.tv-ark.org.uk/ (TV Archive - Online Museum) Unfortunately, they have had problems on that site recently and have lost a load of stuff (which they are constantly re-uploading) - BUT it is the definative site for ANYTHING to do with TV channels in the past. The story of BBC 2's launch is actually quite a funny one - they were set to launch in April 1964, but got as far as transmitting the first Ident before it all conked out:
  10. No worries - brought the memories back for me finding them too!!!