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  1. Robin Fielder and myself are job-sharing the long-established Know Your Sheffield course run by WEA in the city. Run in weekly sessions of two hours the first term starts in September 2017 (poster attached) and will take folks up to the early C19th. The focus tends to be on industrial, social history and housing conditions. In the spring the plan is to cover the period up to the mid-C20th. Then in the summer term we run a series of weekly walks in and around Sheffield - city centre, Kelham Island, Totley and the Edward Carpenter/radicals, middle-class and working- class housing conditions (contrasting The Crofts with Ranmoor for example), etc. If interested the sessions are 5.45-7.45pm at The Circle (VAS building) off Division Street on Tuesdays or 2-4pm at St Oswalds Crypt off Abbeydale Road on Thursdays (ignore the bit that says mornings - its afternoons). The courses are usually provided free for people on JSA and some other benefits. See below for details or email Robin for more information.
  2. Cobbles on Wincobank Hill, Sheffield

    Does anyone have a photograph of the TV transmitter van ? I remember having a walk up there in the early 80's and coming over the brow to find this amazing piece of technology.
  3. Old Town Hall

    I was interviewed by James Vincent about the campaign earlier today. There should be a short piece on Look North tonight. Much longer piece on Radio Sheffield at 11am today. Join us. View and like us on Facebook. it's https://www.facebook.com/OTHSheffield?fref=nf Make an Old Town Hall very happy!
  4. Hi i'm not really a newbie as I've been a member for four years or so, but not posted previously. I don't know why as I've often used the site to check info. Anyway now I do have something to say - as I'm a member of Friends of Sheaf Valley Park and we are running a Sheffield Lost and Found stall at the Sheaf Valley Festival on Saturday 6 September. It will including a gigantic map of the area circa 1930 which we hope to add more local memories to, and a Lost and Found suitcase displaying C19th and C20th artefacts which we challenge visitors to match to their labels. In the afternoon we will also be running two free heritage walks which we have called 'Courts and Concrete' - one covering the area from Granville Street to the Cholera Memorial Park, and a second up to South Street and Park Hill. If we have good demand on the day we hope to run these again later in the year. Please sign up for the walks at the history stall on the day. The festival is held each year in the amphitheatre at the back of Sheffield station and all are welcome to enjoy genuinely locally produced food, drink, music, fundraising bookstalls, donkey rides and many other family friendly festivities. Hardly anything comes from more than a mile away ! All proceeds go to the restoration and maintenance of green spaces in the area - the Cholera Memorial Park on Norfolk Road, Clay Woods, South Street Park (the Amphitheatre) and Sky Edge. More details will be on these sites shortly: http://www.sheafvalleypark.tumblr.com www.facebook.com/FOSVP