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  1. Are there, or does anyone know of any Scholefield’s currently living in or around, or indeed coming from Barlborough.? A new lead has directed me this way. Would love to hear from anyone who might know.
  2. Just seen this and Walter Wildgoose jumped out at me. A distant relative I visited his memorial at Thiepval on the Somme. He was brother in law to my great Uncle Arnold Foster who also died on Somme battlefield, also commemorated at Thiepval. Need to check its same Walter. You can contact me on Scholefieldj@yahoo.co.uk if you wish
  3. Can anyone help; I want to get in contact with and descendants of Wilf and Doris Sargeant (lived near Richmond College). Doris' maiden name was Scholefield. Her parents were Edward and Theresa Scholefield. Pretty sure Wilf and Doris had two sons but happy to be corrected. Anyone out there please contact me on scholefieldj@yahoo.co.uk John Scholefield
  4. Hi Paul For major technical reasons I have only just received notification of this response. Thank You its brilliant news. Melvyn would have been my 1st cousin once removed , his father Thomas was my great Uncle by marriage. He married my Great Aunt Lilly. Do you know anything about Melvin being a violinist .? Can you tell me all the family tree from Melvin downwards..? If you could send any info to scholefieldj@yahoo.co.uk that would be great. Many thanks for the response.
  5. Lee Walter Wildgoose is a relative of mine, I have visited his memorial at Thiepval. write tome at scholefieldj@yahoo.co.uk and we'll see if we can tie things up John Scholefield
  6. Melvyn Ramshaw was the son of Thomas Ramshaw and Lillian Scholefield, he had a sister called Joyce. Lillian was my great aunt. Melvyn (Melvin?) was captured at Dunkirk, force marched back to a POW camp all the way to Germany (Poland?). He was injured at Dunkirk, lost an eye. He was a keen and talented (apparently) violinist. Is there any family out there who know this story.? Was Melvin your relative.? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Lillian was born around 1890, that all I know apart from the fact that in 1911 she was a domestic servant. If they married I guess it was after 1911. Cheers John