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  1. What super photos. Thanks so much for the info Vox. I'd be interested to hear of any other pubs workers went to after work. I presume there were several in the vicinity - I'd picked up on a characterful looking one, 'The Bridge Inn on Meadowhall Road. Did anyone here ever frequent it? Or am I miles out on the geography? Really appreciate your efforts
  2. So glad to have found this thread. I'm a writer, currently working on a novel and trawling many wonderful posts on your site for research purposes. One of my characters is going to work at Hadfields (went there after the war) so I'm fascinated by the info you all share, in particular anything post war - mid 1960's. Deroyentz - What's the name of the pub they all went to please? And does anyone know what other pubs might have been frequented? Any descriptions/info would be most useful. Many thanks D