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  1. See link Sheffield City Battalion men killed on the 1st day of the Battle of the Somme City Battalion Men
  2. I knew it had been mentioned but had forgot that there was a link to it, Hey ho its always mentioning things again :-)
  3. Engines must not enter the Potato Siding http://bbc.in/1ufuJZ1 This is always worth a watch, on IPlayer from Tuesday
  4. now there's an interesting map. http://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/4008-os-maps-of-sheffield-and-district-195039s-over-300-of-them-33/&do=findComment&comment=134237
  5. Map 346 Sheffield South end of Midland Station, St Marys Road, Leadmill Road, Shoreham Street Now this is an interesting map SK3586 © Crown Copyright 1964, Reproduced by kind permission of the Ordnance Survey
  6. The original agreement was as Steve says, maps over 50 years old, therefore any maps we have that are 1964/65 should be ok to upload
  7. And this one by Tim Lynch Great War Britain Sheffield: Remembering 1914-18 https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=u6YcBgAAQBAJ&dq=Sheffield+Remembering+1914&source=gbs_navlinks_s
  8. And this one, again by Peter Warr Sheffield's Great War and Beyond: 1916-1918https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=QqWgCgAAQBAJ&source=gbs_similarbooks
  9. Also this on by Peter Warr Sheffield in The Great Warhttps://books.google.co.uk/books?id=0EfdCQAAQBAJ&source=gbs_similarbooks
  10. On a Positive note I use Windows 10 with no issues. I have used it all year under the Beta testing programme, it was a clean install. All my software seems to be compatible (Office 2010, Adobe CS 6 etc) I have upgrade my laptop using the Windows 7 >> Windows 10 route, that on the whole seems ok.
  11. Joseph appears in DeRuvigny's Roll of Honour. This is a 5 volume set of over 26000 biographies compiled after WW1 by the 9th Marquis of Ruvigny and Raineval Available on Ancestry
  12. Just had a quick look, I think most of the Sheffield ones we will have seen before as B&W postcards. I have an Ancestry subscription, so no problems if you need a search for an actual location.
  13. Keep our fingers crossed then
  14. Are they going to give the top end of the street the same TLC Images today 15/5/15
  15. Found an MIC for Harry Clethers, is this your husbands grandfather, how do you link him to your Harry
  16. ​Hi Jenny Just what is required, slightly confused with Clethro and Clithero. Is Harry (of the 3 brothers) Clithero on the 1911 census? I cant see any records for Harry (your husbands grandfather) to show his military service Stuart
  17. On http://www.sheffieldsoldierww1.co.uk/ we have records of upwards of 31000 Sheffield men who fought in WW1. Many men still go unrecorded, many just came back and settled back into normal life, some came back and suffered for many years. Sapper Stanley Clayton died 18/4/2000 at the age of 105, was he Sheffield's last Tommy. Do you know anybody who survived him? Did you have a relative who fought in WW1 and survived the war? Did you have a relative who died in WW1?
  18. I wonder what happened to ours, I knew I should not have lent them to that bloke in Harrogate :-)  
  19. Can anybody do me a 1911 look up for 53 Hawksley Avenue, I believe Find My Past lets you do an address lookup, Ancestry does not (I think). I am hoping it is a family called Earnshaw or Farnshaw Thanks in advance
  20. I could not find any military records for Seffers on Ancestry Thanks Edmund I will pass on your findings.
  21. This is a query I received via Sheffieldsoldier My paternal Great grandfather owned a hairdressers shop on Pond Street in Sheffield, my Grandmother always told stories of how her father was presumed dead in France and turned up injured some time later, he survived the war and lived into the 1950's, I cannot find any listings for the surname Seffers, the surname is German and he was the son of a German speaking mother, can you help . Can anybody turn anything up for this guy?
  22. Must be time to give this topic a fresh airing
  23. He does not appear on the St Johns Deepcar Roll of Honour. Not exactly information, but could complete the picture
  24. Visited Tinsley Park this morning, I suppose it is similar to most other municipal cemeteries in Sheffield, desolation. and it was cold Do we know if any Memorial Inscription have been recorded there, the headstone I was looking for is not there.