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  1. He was indeed. He also went by the title of the Mighty Atom iirc - at least I herd him called that. He also used to perform at a bar/pub at the junction of Staniforth Road and Attercliffe road, near the old Banners store because we saw him there. I did have a girlfriend who knew him to talk to and he was a nice guy, and couldn't half dance too.
  2. Almost 100% sure it's Belmoor road because I lived just off it. The two roads going off the left were first Scofton Place (iirc) and then Thurley Place which I lived on. The next road to the left of Belmoor (can't recall the name atm) was a similar straight terraced road, but had front gardens on one side iirc. Belmoor was the only road I can recall leading directly up to Brown-Baileys in that manner with two side-roads off to the left that ended in railings next to the Rec. The only thing that jars the memory is the large (bricked?) entrance like shape set into the side of Brown-Baileys. I can't actually recall that, as in my memory it was entirely flat - or corrugated - black from the Rec along Blaco Road to the 'tip' (demolished houses at the end of Brown-Baileys). Hth. :)