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  1. Just to let you know,got a second hand one off e-bay.Good working condition,£16.50.
  2. What about Ronnie Ronald about 1952.Supported by Hatfield House Lane School choir,of which i was a member
  3. Does anyone know where i can buy a cine film viewer locally.i don't mean a projector.
  4. I really don't know how to go about this.Maybe someone could take it on,but i think it is about time Helen Sharman was made a dame.When i see people in the entertainment and sports industry being made dames and knights i think it is a shame that she has never recieved fully the recognition she deserves.She could have jumped on the media merry-go-round,appearing on chat shows and game shows and made herself a lot of money,instead she chose to go into teaching and pass on her knowledge to the next generation.She is a real role model.Sheffield should be proud of her.
  5. My Mother was an unwin she came from grimesthorpe.she was called Mary.she had four sisters called Nellie,Helen,Mable,and Myra,and one brother called Albert.
  6. hello dunsbyowl my name is fred dodsworth.i used to live on don road at the junction with alfred road.got lots of memories of that area all of them good.the houses were not very good but the people were fantastic.miss them loads
  7. went to newhall til 1951 then to hatfield house lane secondary modern.left there in 55 great schools
  8. I Lived just up the road from the Don pub it was situated on brightside lane on the corner with Hawk street.
  9. I Lived just up the road from the Don pub .It was situated on brightside lane on the corner with Hawk street opposite the Wellington
  10. newhall road at the junction of alfred road looking towards attercliffe the pub is the brickmakers arms
  11. [quote name='azz' date='04 February 2011 - 05:40 PM' back row pete melon, don ryan, ryalls, xx, xx, seated arthur jackson, xx keith shirley, les catherall, brian bagshaw, seated on floor eric dodsworth, kenny neville
  12. I went to Newhall school, the head teacher was called Mr Bronks, he used to put the fear of god into us,even the teachers feared him. Although he was strict he put many a lad on the straight and narrow, its a pity there arn't more like him today
  13. I was born on don road in 1940.went to newhall school till 1951 then to hatfield house lane.although we had very little we knew how to enjoy ourselves,we used to play games in the street and backyards.in those days you could play outside without the fear of being molested.my mother used to take us up cliffe to do the shopping,she could leave the door open without the fear of being burgled .not that they would have found anything anyway.a holiday for us was a day at cleethorps or skeggy courtesy of new hall school or some w.m.c. catching the tram to millhouses park or the train to elsecar was an unforgettable experience.don road brightside was a grimey place but you couldn't say that of the people who lived there .they were a very friendly and colourful set of people.although the houses have long been demolished the memories will stay. hope to add more at a later date
  14. hi old canny street kid.re your pix of newhall team 1947.back row left is albert rhodes who was my brother in law.then mr bronks then tennant gray.the others on that row not sure of except i think the lad in the suit was called tommy antcliff.the ones seated are george moore next one can't remember his name but he lived at the bottom of alfred road.then frank harris then eric dodsworth who was my brother .sadly he died in 1990.the next one i dont know.theone kneeling on the left is dougie holland.