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  1. Couldn't agree more. I have friends and connections in the local sheffield and doncaster printing industry and I can assure you trade is in a bad way for local printers with no sign of a reprieve on the horizon. Its very rare that these local printers print items for sale abroad like an italian calendar. So how come an overseas company gets the contract for the sheffield calendar?
  2. Thanks for all the reply's everyone, I've now got lots of information to pass onto the relatives. I've even learnt about dodgy goings on in the toilets at Manor Top. But of course, it goes without saying... I'll take all the credit for all your knowledge.
  3. Hi all, Im sure there used to be a public toilet at the netto/Asda side of the underpass which if I recall didn't have a roof over the urinals only over the 1 cubical that was in there. Can remember taking a pee at night in there and being able to look up at the star constilations and then looking back down at my wet doc martin boot!!!
  4. Sorry DaveH. when I said 'seen it with my own eyes', I meant the super 8 footage not the live event. Still I wasn't a Bolan fan in 75 although became one in later years and never heard a whisper about this having ever taken place dispite frequenting the Arbourthorne quite often.:(
  5. WoW! absolutely fascinating!!! who'd have believed it. Marc Bolan at the Arbourthorne Hotel. If i hadn't seen it with my oen eye's i'd have said you were winding us all up. My memories of the Arbourthorne Hotel are very few but on the lines of Dave H's memories. I also remember it being a bit like the punch bowls set up for crisps and pop. A maze of doors round the back to get in. Great article chaps.
  6. Not so sure it was announced as a set Bank Holiday DaveH, unfortunately I believe that it was left upto those greedy employers to decide.:angry:
  7. Many thanks for your help vox, now I just need an expert on Sheffield past bus routes. :blink:
  8. Thanks SteveHB for sorting out my duplicated post and putting a time stamp on the building being built in the 1st photo. Would you, vox or DaveH have any idea when Woodhouse became part of Sheffield and infact in what area Woodhouse was part of before it was included in the Sheffield boundaries. Also have any of you any idea when the buses stopped using the bus turning point on Stradbroke road just below the cemetary and started going all the way up the hill past the house being built and all the way into Woodhouse village??? Regards, Cyberman
  9. Sorry all, I thought my original post had not uploaded the first time i did it as i had problems with my internet connection. So I reposted it and now it appears to be in twice. Still I'm sure 1 of you nice administrators can sort it out for me. Once again, sorry about that Im not trying to duplicate everything on purpose. Regards, Cyberman
  10. Hi all, I've been visiting my many relatives who nearly all seem to live in Woodhouse and I have produced some Woodhouse past and present pictures for them. So I thought id post them here for anyone else who knows the area to be able to check them out. In the first 2 pictures, the 'past' photo has a house being built which I am told was in the mid 1800's and is still there today along with the Woodhouse cemetary building which you can just about make-out through the trees in the 'present day' picture. I am also informed that this point in Woodhouse was not classed as being within the Sheffield boundaries until the 1950's??? and that no buses came past the very narrow point in the road in the past photo. In the second set of past and present pictures I am told that this is as far as buses came out along Stradbroke Rd in the 1950's and a bus turning point can be seen on the left hand side of the 'Past' picture with the view looking back up Stradbroke Rd towards City School. The 3rd set of pictures shows a view back towards the 1st set of photos where the house was being built, looking in the same direction but this time taken from further back near to the Woodhouse Co-op shop. Last set of photos shows a view up Stradbroke Rd in the opposite direction the 1st set of photos. The house being built in the 1st photo can still be seen at the top of the hill (this time on the left hand side). The Road was obviously widened at this point at some stage to allow a larger volume of traffic and buses through. At the top of the hill just out of shot is the junction with Bishop hill, a little back-whack road that time seems to have forgot. Its only 1 car width wide and the houses all seem to be out of an Edwardian era. The last 3 set of past photos are all shot in the early 1950's
  11. Hi all, Been visiting some of my many relatives in Woodhouse lately and have done a few now and then comparison shots around the area for anyone interested. Also if any one has any information on the house that is being built please let me know. The house being built in the old picture is obviously still there as is the Woodhouse cemetary which can still be seen (just) through the trees in the modern picture. I think the old picture is from around the late 1800's and no sheffield buses came past this point right up tp the 1950's or so im told. Im also told that at the time of the first old picture Woodhouse was not classed as being in the Sheffield boundaries. Link to picturesheffield The next 3 lots of now and thens are all early 1950's to 2011 picturesheffield These are all of Stradbroke road in Woodhouse close to the Woodhouse village shops. picturesheffield Finally looking up Stradbroke road to the top of Bishop Hill picturesheffield Any Information about Woodhouse would be great cos I can then really impress all my relatives with my local knowledge of the area. Regards, Cyberman
  12. Here we go then Dave H. This is probably as close as you will get to the actual camels hump sledging run route. Regards, Cyberman
  13. Nice research Dave H. your just about spot on with the very last picture. The top of the run started from more or less this exact spot, but did not run down through the opening at the bottom of the photo as you may asume. No, you have to remember this was approximately 40 years ago and the bushes and trees to the left of shot were more or less freshly planted and were much smaller and covered far less area enabling the run to travel between them. The 'Hump' was formed from the steep drop the other side of the path where the thick patch of bushes and trees now stands. Once again, excellent detection work and thanks for posting the pictures. Brought back good memories. Regards, Cyberman lol
  14. Unfortunately none of the routes shown are the Camels Hump. The start of the route was between B and A on your map, about 2/3rds the way towards B. Probably about on the bendiest part of Raeburn Rd. The bottom of the run is off the top of the map as it came out (across the path) onto Leighton Rd just before it starts to bend to the right near to the bottom of the hill. Back in the early 70's the hump its self had a small patch of bushes either side of it, which if now overgrown will doubtless hide its location from view. Regards, Cyberman.
  15. Ah-ha, Markbaby... the old goldfish in a polythene bag. I'd forgotten all about that. A great memory. I also remember the year of the corrigated platic 3ft hollow tube that you use to spin around your head to make a wierd noise. Closely followed by the summer of the glass clackers that had a habbit of shattering and sending glass all over. All spent at my time on the Herdings. Oh and by the way DaveH, the Peter kid we were on about never had any milk when you asked him for some. In fact he never used to say anything, just used to stand there in a kind of a hush. :rolleyes: