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  1. I lost respect for SCC a long time ago, they have less than zero interest in heritage. I say less than zero as they seem to actively go out of their way to destroy it.
  2. I did some digging on this excavation and let me tell you that this talk will be well worth going to. Some pretty amazing discoveries were made.
  3. I'm interested to know if anyone can tell me how many churches are actually in the Parish of Ecclesfield. Its a huge parish but am I right in thinking that only St Mary's and St Nicholas's were there in the early period before expansion in the 19th century?
  4. Some of my ancestors list their occupation as 'organ pipe maker'. One member actually lived on Suffolk road which is the same road that Brindley and Fosters operated from (Columbia Place). I've long theorised that he worked for them. They actually made the pipes that were used in the organs.
  5. Thanks for that @RLongden I keep hoping that the NLS will digitise some more maps, those OS maps they have are excellent but this 1890 map is a class apart to my mind.
  6. @Edmund That's the one I am most definitely after but when I looked on Old Maps yesterday I couldn't locate it. Good grief but that's a great map. Is it possible purchase a paper copy anywhere?
  7. I know there is an extremely detailed map out there (1890?) that shows the position and numbering of the courts in Sheffield. However, I cannot seem to find it now, does anyone have a copy? I'm looking for the area in Holiis Croft specifically Allen Street, Cross Smithfield and Smithfield.
  8. Exactly what I was looking for, absolutely brilliant. Many thanks.
  9. I'm wondering if these flats ever made it onto a map? I'm sure they must have done. Does anyone have a map that shows them, I'd really like to be able to look at the area they covered.
  10. I don't know if you're aware of this Calvin but I have noticed that many of the old Victorian draincovers have been, or are in the process of being, replaced around where I live in the Sharrowvale Nether Edge areas.
  11. I don't personally know of a list of market stall holders. The only thing I would recommend is to go through the local directories and say if you can make a match between the names. Alternatively, you could always try the census for 1901 and 1911 entering 'charlotte' and 'glove' and/or 'market '.
  12. The Local Board cover is positioned at the entrance to the footpath that borders the Allen Sike spring. I'd say that's close enough to the drainage ditch marked on the map.I'd recommend that you visit it Calvin.
  13. I think that is a very good suggestion Edmund and could well explain the presence of a Local Board cover out there. It would also provide a very good date for the Local Board covers.
  14. Was just going to post that myself southside. I really wish it was a little bigger though. It appears as though the sewer line finishes at Crosspool on this map which makes the drain cover on Redmires Road an issue.