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  1. Thank you soooo much Edmund,much appreciated
  2. Hi Greg,I lived on Ashgate Road,it was 1973,my Gran was visiting she was sat on the loo when it happened,she thought the end of the world had come!
  3. Hello everyone, wondering if anyone can help me,on the back of an old family portrait I have discovered a backing board advertising H&P Brewers Orchard Lane Sheffield,I cannot find any information about this company in any of the directories etc, any ideas?
  4. As it was cut through the Earl of Wharncliffe's land I would guess some reference to the Wharncliffe Dragon?
  5. For Richard: The 18th Dinner was held in The Cutlers' Hall , December 1905, chaired by J.E. Farrer.
  6. No mention of the First Annual Dinner; Second held at The Wharncliffe Hotel, December 1889, chaired by Mr A. Muir Wilson Third held at The Wharncliffe Hotel, November 1890, chaired by T.A.Edge Fourth held at The Wharncliffe Hotel,November 1891, chaired by Fred Bye Fifth held at The Masonic Hall, December 1892, chaired by Alderman Batty Langley, J.P. Sixth held at The Masonic Hall, December 1893, chaired by Mayor Alderman Foster, J.P. Seventh held at The Masonic Hall, December 1894 chaired by Mr J. Sutton- first to have the illuminated Menu cards,showing a concise pictorial history of the Club during the past year. Eighth held at The Masonic Hall, December 1895, chaired by Councillor W.H. Lancashire Ninth held at The Masonic Hall, November 1896, chaired by Councillor J.R. Wheatley Tenth held at The Masonic Hall, December 1897, chaired by Lord Mayor Alderman George Franklin J.P. Eleventh at The Masonic Hall, December 1898, chaired by Lord Mayor Alderman W.E. Clegg Twelfth at The Masonic Hall, December 1899, chaired by Lord Mayor Alderman S.Roberts J.P. Thirteenth held at The Masonic Hall, December 1900, chaired by Lord Mayor Alderman J.Eaton J.P. Fourteenth held in The Cutlers Hall, November 1901, chaired by Walpole Hiller. Fifteenth held at The Cutlers Hall, December 1902, chaired by Chas W. Cowen
  7. I have a copy of the above, belonged to a Farrer ancestor, the Farrers played a major role in the SCC.
  8. Curiously, the Ada listed in the 1901 census posted by Edmund was registered as Lily Ada Barker at her birth in 1876 and married Edward Fletcher in Feb 1900, all supposition of course!
  9. Hi Damien, Does your Grandad Reginald have a brother called Donald? If so I know the family well. Best Wishes
  10. Sorry, that should be great great uncle!
  11. regards the Froggatts, George Edward was my great uncle, as well as the children listed above, they had another son Thomas E. born 1916
  12. Okies so maybe not October, he married Elizabeth Barber Cheetham an orphan from Dudley,thanks Richard
  13. Can anyone help please? I am researching the above for a friend of mine, I know all the general stuff about him but need help regarding his death, according to the family,he was burnt to death in either a house fire or a tram fire,he died October 1897 but I cannot find any news,obituary or information about his tragic death,also cannot find his burial place any info would be much appreciated. Huthwaite
  14. Think this might be the one, The Red Lion Inn at Jackson Bridge near Holmfirth www.the-red-lion-inn.com
  15. He was known as Fred, I got my first kitten from a litter he had and called her Fred! I remember queing with my Mother on a Saturday lunchtime, he was a lovely, genuine gentleman.
  16. Could one of you learned ones out there help me, I am trying to discover who the founders of Atkinson's Department store were,this is related to my family tree and I have limited access to reference materials here in Greece? :(
  17. You'll find him here: http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?gl=ROOT_CATEGORY&rank=1&new=1&so=1&MSAV=1&msT=1&gss=ms_f-2&gsfn=wilfred+henry&gsln=ledger&msbdy=1839&msbpn__ftp=Sheffield%2C+Yorkshire%2C+England&msbpn=1652386&msbpn_PInfo=8-%7C1652381%7C3257%7C3251%7C5292%7C165238&cpxt=1&catBucket=rstp&uidh=rs3&cp=11
  18. Great stuff! The Wilfred Ledger mentioned, was a distant ancestor of mine( 2nd cousin 4x removed), he was born Wilfred Henry Ledger in 1839 and was living on Broad Street with his parents in 1861, thanks for the link!!
  19. Just a thought, but could it be a Sunday School photo.?
  20. I used to graze a pony on the fields belonging to this property in the mid seventies when it was owned by a Mrs Spafford, rumour has it that her neighbour used to be a dancer in "Pans People", I believe the old park cottage, was where the Beauchief Tennis Club is today (if it's still there!!), there is a picture of the Old Cottage on Picture Sheffield.
  21. I used to live on Matlock Road so am pretty familiar with it, the back wall of the former buildings still exists and you can see blocked up doors and windows, from the pub car park.