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  1. Does anyone know anything about the little engraved apples on stone walls?. We have spotted three, all look quite old and approximately the size of a real apple, in Greystones, Bingham Park and Forge Dam and we are very intrigued.
  2. Thanks! There are some great photos showing the culverts taken by various people who have walked the Porter Brook on this web site http://www.28dayslater.co.uk. I haven't been able to confirm which photo is where though!
  3. I am a student looking at the Porter Brook within the City Centre, from where it is culverted near Wards Brewery (as was), until it reaches the station. I would be very grateful for any information / photos / memories / leads in connection with the brook. In particular I am interested in the sites between Mary street and Sylvester Street / Sydney Street. Recentrly someone very conveniently pulled down the some of the hoarding to the Sylvester Gardens area, allowing me to get some photos of the site and the brook, however I can't find any information on the current route of the brook (underground). Anything to do with the brook or the industry surrounding it would be really appreciated. Thanks