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  1. Hi

    I have just seen your fantastic ambulance photo (if I,m correct) .

    My mother was also a driver though at Hartley Brook.

    Do you have any more information please?

    i am writing an account



  2. My memories of Christmas as a child growing up in 70's Sheffield are: (Of course) going to Redgates on a Saturday in the weeks leading up to Christmas and making a list of want I'd like, if I was lucky enough! The Sunday trip into town to see the lights and for some reason they always looked spectacular then! Christmas Eve was brilliant. The excitement almost unbearable. On Christmas Eve night we'd make our usual trip to The Attercliffe Radical Club or "The Rads" and meet up with friends and family. We'd always take sandwiches, pork pie, sausage rolls, black pudding (yuk!) pickled onions etc and have a good old knees up. We'd have to get there really early, something like 6 o'clock to get a seat - that's probably why we took our tea! Then they'd be our walk home with friends and family, laughing and joking and the excitement of the kids building as we got nearer home, anxious to get to bed and get to sleep before Father Christmas came! Brilliant! Now I'm all grown up with 2 kids of my own and the magic is still there although it'll never be the same as growing up down the 'cliffe! I tell my lad all the time how much he would have loved it down there. There was so much community spirit, which seemed to be even more at Christmas time - you don't seem to get that anymore. Merry Christmas to all at Sheffield History!
  3. To be honest the only thing I can remember playing in the school yard out of the above mentioned games was the skipping, but what I remember most was playing at 'Charlies Angels' (yes I was a 70's child!) and getting really annoyed when I wasn't Kelly!
  4. I'm looking for an old friend who I lost touch with well over 25 years ago. Her name was Gail Seaman (Seaman being her maiden name and of course she could be married by now) Gail would be about 40 now. The last address I had of hers was Nuttall Place, Wybourne, Sheffield. I would love to get in touch with Gail again, if only to see how life has treated her! Anyone with any knowledge of how I could trace Gail or get in touch with her, please let me know by posting on here. Many Thanks in advance.
  5. Yes the building is still there. Spent many hours in Banners in the 70's. The food hall mainly - sooo boring for a kid! But, had no choice, it was a case of "come on, you're coming shopping wi me, got t get somat f ya dad's tea" or words to that effect!
  6. Another girly "thing" from Redgates in the 70's were "Sasha dolls" - does anyone remember them? They were lovely and I remember going to Redgates and gazing at these quite expensive dolls. They looked like real children and that was the only place I've been that sold them. (Though I have since found them on the internet and it seems they are now collectors items) Another memory of Redgates is one Christmas around 1975/76 my dad decided, I NEEDED a dolls house for Chrimbo. I actually wasn't interested in the slightest, but he thought every little girl ought to have one. SO, I got one! Looking back it was quite the business in the early 70's with electric lights and all! We went every week from probably early November and every week we would buy another couple of pieces of furniture or people to go in this house (which I still have in my loft!) Because of this, whenever I hear 'Redgates' - I automatically think, dolls houses!
  7. Only ever went there on a Saturday afternoon during the mid to late 90's for the breakdance challenges. Enjoyed it though.
  8. Didn't think these building had been up that long ~ always someone deciding we need to "improve" on things.
  9. Seem to remember my older brother buying stuff from here and me thinking it was really cool.
  10. Don't know when they stopped runnning, but my nan used to get a bread van on her road in the mid 90's ~ not sure if it was Fletchers though.
  11. I seem to remember a row of bus stops like a mini bus station at the end of Bridge street/bottom of Snig Hill ~ had to be in the 70's, but can't recall when it disappeared.
  12. We used to go to Western Park at whitsuntide and listen to the singing etc. I remember it used to get packed! and the weather always used to be lovely back then! Why was that?! It was something I used to look forward to every year. We went up to the newly opened museaum last week and the memories of the whitsuntide thing came flooding back as we sat in the park having our ice creams! Decided to share the memories with my 11 year old ~ he says that I have so many memories because I am so old! ( well at 38 I am ancient!)
  13. Yeah I remember going there in the 70's! I recall something about a cheque system thing as well. I know that whenever we went there I got something new to wear! I loved it there - it always seemed to be a big shop, but maybe that was because I was little!
  14. Come on Andy! - Waiting for some more piccys and youtube !
  15. I remember dragging my mum round Mace's every Saturday afternoon during the 70's! (And being told by my dad before we went, "Don't bring anything back!") One Saturday, quite late, just before closing, we went in as usual and in the corner of one of the cages was a tiny ginger and white kitten sitting all alone looking really sad. Of course, I HAD to have it but my mum said no cause my dad would go mad! I got it anyway - then spent the journey home worrying that my dad would freak! Anyway he did! But it didn't make any difference cause I still kept the cat!! And I swear that cat knew my dad wasn't impressed by him because it hated my dad!