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  1. still use the term myself my son in law from rotherham thinks it hilarious when i say something is on the cornish.
  2. i thought it was Peter Springett who was the community bobby at bramall lane not Ron.
  3. has not set their status

  4. has not set their status

  5. The bloke who ran the intake juniors was called Alan Hobson who sorry to say died on the eleventh of january this year he lived at the second house after the car park. The field at the side of intake club was spear and jacksons football ground. intake club closed in august 1996. john
  6. Is it not Wincobank & Blackburn wmc i used to be member many years ago and my dad before me.
  7. In 1948 the landlord of the norfolk is Henry Wolstenholme address 225 handsworth road s9 did he run two pubs at the same time or is it miss transcribed. Is there four roads that cross in handsworth?.
  8. The noahs is my local i will ask around to see who was landlord in 1951. Some very good old photos of the area around four lane ends inside the pub.
  9. Further up mansfield road on intake school in stone it says Handsworth school board 1884 it was once known as Handsworth district.
  10. Does anybody else think that the three Noahs Arks in your list at mansfield road,four lane ends and hollinsend are all the same pub?. At various times Intake has been in Handsworth district and hollinsend.
  11. George Gray was also landlord in 1871 and 1891 according to the census for those years.
  12. My mam now sadly no longer with us used to work at Queenies in the late fifties early sixties and mr Fusco took me to hillsborough a couple of times. a lovely man. john
  13. Anybody know what years Darnall and Hyde Park dog tracks closed. john