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  1. Anyone remember the boiled sweet factory that was in the hill at the back of midland station, it stood on the roadside in front of where the flats (Parkhill I think the flats are called called) are now. They made the best boiled sweet fishes, covered in sugar, used to last ages. (They didn't rot my teeth) :rolleyes:
  2. What about Davy's on Fargate, Beautifull cakes and pastries, also I think it was call Sharmans on Glossop Road they used to deliver groceries in a van, way back in the 1950's Moira
  3. I used to get free rides on the trams in Sheffield, my Uncle drove the Tower Wagon that put the cables back up if they were blown down or after accidents. He was out on the night of the Sheffield blitz with the Wagon trying to sort out the mess to keep the trams running, he was injured from falling rubble but carried on through the night. Can you remember the conductor going round a the terminus and pushing the backs of the seats over so the passengers faced the way the tram was heading. Moira
  4. I learned to swim at Hillsbrough baths about 1955 and the coach was a Mr. Scott. he was very nice, after lessons we used to buy hot orange juice ans sit around and drink it and talk about the lesson (shivering)Great days. Moira
  5. Hi , Just thought I would like to tell you that my sister-in-law did the designs and displays for many years at Redgates, The internal ones and the beautiful window displays at Christmas, She never really grew up, we put it down to her playing with toys all day, even in her late twenties. Moira