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  1. Hello George! How are you? No, I haven't found any photos of your dad yet, but I have lots of the Newton family (Barry Newton - we met briefly at Rhona's funeral)
  2. Yes, thanks - that is indeed the shop. I am very grateful to R.Longden for finding this picture. I will add it to my family archive. A busy time of the year was during the school holidays as my dad sold many school bags. As a schoolchild during the 6 weeks holidys, I used to deliver leaflets for my dad advertising suitcases & schoolbags, for example around Park Hill Flats.
  3. Yes, here is a before & after picture showing that the roundabout now sits on top of the Sheaf St shops. I remember that at no 37 Sheaf St was Calcott's fishing tackle shop. Beyond that was a Ford Garage as shown. I don't remember any pubs on Sheaf St, but I was only about 9 years old when I used to visit my dad's shop to log "Bus Route Numbers" coming down Commercial St, so I wasn't really into pubs much then!
  4. Herewith a photo of the parade of shops including 35 Sheaf Street
  5. My dad, Maurice Newton used to run the shop there (35 Sheaf St) in the 1950's & early 1960s. He sold & repaired leather goods. During the school holidays, I used to sit in the top window above the shop, looking up Commercial street & spotting bus route numbers as the constant stream of buses came down Commercial Street. My dad sold the shop because the Council said that they were going to redevelop the site (to Park Square), but in fact they didn't do so until several years later. It must have been during that period that Jim Cranswick ran that shop.
  6. I can confirm that Dr Pettigrew was still practicing on Bocking Lane in 1972. I see from free BMD that a Daniel H Pettigrew married a Jean A Broughton-Alcock at Westminster in 1944 & I note from a post above that Dr Pettigrew graduated in London, so it seems likely that this is the same chap.