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  1. I remember this scene so well, I was fascinated with how potty Edwards used to juggle his wares and my first dog came from Ogleys around 1966.
  2. I was at St Mary's from 1960-1966, the reception teacher was Mrs Davison or was it Davidson if I remember correctly she used to bring her daughter in occasionally. I think it was then Mrs Smith then we had a new male teacher Mr Klottrupp and then Mrs Reynolds, Mr Jarman was the Head Master and I remember being sent to his office to read to him, loved going down there because of the smell of pipe tobacco. Then there was the caretaker Mr Haigh who won the Star Walk and does anyone remember Mr Booth the crossing lollipop man who got run over one morning while doing his job. They were happy days before going to Myers Grove in Sept 1966.
  3. Have just remembered the name of the Toyota dealer on Rockinham St it was Portland Autos this was early 1970's also I believe that Law Bros were Wartburg Knight dealers in the early 70's. The original Turret Motor was opposite the Somme Baracks off Glossop Rd I believe there is now a Drs surgery on this site now.
  4. No one seems to remember Waldot on Middlewood Rd, this is now Guilders, it was owned by Walter and Dorothy Dungworth and I think John Dungworth who was at Guilders may have been their son. They used to sell NSU and Reliant sports cars, when they closed it was a caravan dealers for a few years. Law Bros used to sell Moskovich and Lada and their was another Lada dealers on London Rd I think it may have been Hinchcliffes, also in the 60's Brookland Volvo was in the Berkeley precinct on Ecclesall Rd and later moved to roughly where the Peugeot dealers used to be at the bottom of Ecclesall Rd and became Lex Brooklands. Does anyone remember the Toyota dealer just off West St may have been Deighton Motor Co on Rockinham St. There was also a ford dealers at Sheffield Lane Top either Brook Shaws or T C Harrison's, this was eventually levelled after some years of being derelict and DC Cooks opened Direct Cars selling British Leyland/Rover group cars, this was pulled down when Netto built their shop on the site.
  5. Haven't got any photo's but I remember the mini islands well 5 mini islands with one large one in the middle of them. The only one I know of like it is in Hemel Hempstead, same layout and I think same number of exits.
  6. There's another S&E missing from the list, the one which used to be on Walkley Street/Hoole Street Sheffield 6. If I remember correctly it closed in the late 60's. Does anyone else remember it ?.
  7. I remember going there when I worked on the Ambulance Service in the early 80's I put the brakes on when I entered the building at about 5mph and slid for 20 yards on the graphite, after we had the patient on board my feet kept slipping off the padals so I had to drive without shoes. For weeks after we had black footprints on the ambulance and messroom floor,