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  1. 13 minutes ago, RichK said:

    Is it visible at the moment? 

    When the vape shop took over the building, they covered it in a wooden box saying "don't worry, the historic cigarette machine is safe, we've sent it away to be repaired and it will be back soon". That was years ago and when I last looked it was still a wooden box. Sign long gone. 

    Perhaps it's re-appeared since I last looked, when did you last see it?



    Oh perhaps not then - it was probably a while ago to be honest.

    im round that way tomorrow so will have a look.

  2. On 17/12/2017 at 10:37, Sheffield History said:



    Just realised we've never really covered the Miners Strike in any great detail and so I'd like to start the discussion

    Do you know anyone who was directly involved or impacted by the miners strike of 1984?

    Be great to hear your stories and memories of the time

    The lady at the back centre in the top picture is my mother-in-law.



  3. 7 hours ago, Sheffield History said:

    Berlins Sheffield.jpg

    Anyone remember Berlins on Eyre Street?

    Here's a special offer that Berlins had on back in the day on the back of a bus or tram ticket (not sure which - post below if you know) for 3 bottles of Lamots Pils for £1. Free admission to get in, and then you could always nip next door to Gossips Wine Bar or the other way to Isabellas Nightclub if you preferred soul music.

    Berlins was extremely popular at one time and almost 'the place to be' in Sheffield City Centre

    The old phone number if you were a member of staff and wanted to remember it is Sheffield 759469

    Berlins eh?

    Anyone remember this place?

    They used to have a spin the wheel game which set the drinks offers for the next 30mins or something like that.

    the place is still in use as a nightclub called code i think.

  4. 3 hours ago, Sheffield History said:


    I remember fondly this colour scheme for the buses. Here's the number 52 to Crookes heading up the Wicker

    Some quality cars in this picture too. Do you think it's 1970's?

    It’s not the 70’s you can tell by the cars and the bus.

    i would say more like early 90s.

  5. 19 hours ago, LeadFarmer said:

    Ive got some photos I took from the tower of Sheffield Cathedral somewhere, I shall have to find them.


    Here's some recent photos I took in Nov 2016 from the roof of Snig Hill Police Station..

    Views to the north..








    Views to the east...







    Views to the south..





    On the views to east - what is the building to the left of Howells - the one with two white transit vans parked immediate behind it?