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  1. It was built as the offices for a printing and stationary company.
  2. Is that now the balti king? ive only ever known it as the balti king if so - what a great picture.
  3. Oh perhaps not then - it was probably a while ago to be honest. im round that way tomorrow so will have a look.
  4. There’s an old one (no longer working) still on the wall outside a shop just before hunters bar roundabout . its silver in colour and says “cigarettes” on it.
  5. It’s still there converted to offices. The frontage still has the carved “new inn” signage in the stonework.
  6. Believe the houses on the right are pretty much as was. The clubs and kfc would now appear on your left.
  7. It’s reopening as the rag n tag!!! great news.
  8. I believe it was so modern / hi-tec when first built it was used as the setting for an advert for a new Ford Motor Car.
  9. These are fantastic I’ve never heard of the fella - they should be published.
  10. I still agree - don’t think it needs 3 separate ones for pubs, restaurants and nightclubs. or 2 for cinema and movies etc.
  11. The lady at the back centre in the top picture is my mother-in-law.
  12. They used to have a spin the wheel game which set the drinks offers for the next 30mins or something like that. the place is still in use as a nightclub called code i think.
  13. I loved Suggs when I was a kid in the 80s. My dad used to take me in and we used to look at the kits and the boots and that. got my first pair of boots in there and my dad bought me some dubbin to go with them!
  14. Wow I never knew that’s what it looked like down there - I assume the roundabout sits on top of where these shops were? What other shops were there - was there a pub?
  15. The building is still there isn’t it? is it the one opposite st Aidan’s church which is now a church? didnt it have something to do with Peter stringfellow
  16. He used to come into limpsfield school in the late 80s with Johnny nelson and do skipping exhibitions etc. We were all star struck because he was well known around sheffield back then.
  17. It’s not the 70’s you can tell by the cars and the bus. i would say more like early 90s.
  18. I believe it was a bit of a rough hole and someone was stabbed in there at one point?
  19. Yes - used to be called the Boulogne in the 80’s maybe earlier.
  20. The first pub I was served in in town was the Tin Pan Alley which was roughly where vodka revolution is now. 5 of us went and 3 of us got in - once we were in we knew we'd get served so we were well pleased - would have been about 16/17
  21. I just wondered if there was one or two many thread categories? it sort of dilutes the posts across a large number of areas and maybe if the posts were more concentrated it may encourage more contribution / discussion. just a thought - keep up the good work.
  22. I went there between 86-89 - Mrs Drabble was the headteacher then.
  23. The gun defences were on the waste ground adjacent ridge view - I think more houses have been built on that land now.
  24. On the views to east - what is the building to the left of Howells - the one with two white transit vans parked immediate behind it?