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  1. Thank you for the additional information. Seems you can't "thank" and "like" a post but you have to choose.
  2. Thank you for satisfying my curiosity.
  3. I may well be missing something though a search of the site didn't bring up an answer. I'm intrigued by the plus sign and number just above the number of posts by a member in the panel to the left of each message. A click on it produces "'Member's total reputation". I wonder how the figure is reached and what its purpose is.
  4. Judith

    Old Wednesday Picture

    N° 2 is Arthur Joshua Dickinson.
  5. I don't know if they are of any interest to you but there are two US Staniforth obituaries posted on the Eng-Sheffield Rootsweb list today: - Wilfred Staniforth born 16 September 1918 Sheffield to Adam and Sarah née Hill, died Peoria 10 June 2014 aged 95 - Alan Staniforth born 17 July 1938 Sheffield, died 24 June 2013 Orange County, CA both with some details of their lives and families.
  6. Judith

    Joined up Heritage

    The person who married Mary Atkinson in 1863 was Robert Maxwell Johnson, a qualified doctor, and, after a spell in London, the family returned to Chatham in Canada. His story is quite fascinating but I can't tell you more as a fellow family historian to whom I forwarded your link sent me an article he has submitted to the Sheffield & District Family History Society which contains far more detail than I was previously aware of, so it wouldn't be fair of me to pass it on.
  7. Judith

    Joined up Heritage

    Many thanks for that link which led me to an article on Sheffield's influence on the Anti-Slavery movement and in particular the role of women. This probably helps to explain how one of my great grandmother's sisters came to marry an escaped slave in Sheffield in 1863. Another fascinating lead to follow up.
  8. An itinerary card and a postcard sent by Arthur J Dickinson to his niece. A J Dickinson Sheff Wed FC Scandinavian tour 1911 3.pdf A J Dickinson Sheff Wed FC Scandinavian tour 1911 4.pdf
  9. Judith

    Spring Blossom

    The yellow one looks like winter jasmine to me.
  10. Judith

    Happy New Year

    Good health and happiness to all...and long life to Sheffield History from Judith in France
  11. And see the details and order a copy of the bond and allegation if you so wish.
  12. Origins.net are offering free access to the indexes to Yorkshire marriage bonds and allegations 1613-1839 until 8 October 2012 midday BST. Make the most of it! Judith in France
  13. Judith

    Sheffield Scout Groups

    Hello Mike Many thanks. I will phone . Judith in France
  14. Judith

    Sheffield Scout Groups

    Thank you for your reply, Mike. I have the DVD ot the Sheffield Telegraph for 1911 and I think I also looked at the Sheffield Independent online without any luck. My search skills may have improved a bit so I'll have another look and let you know if I find anything interesting. How do I contact David Worth, please? Thanks again for your help.
  15. Judith

    Sheffield Scout Groups

    Going back a bit farther, does anyone know which Sheffield scout groups took part in the Windsor Royal review in 1911? My father (born 1899) thought he was one of the youngest there.