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  1. stead85

    bread van

    i remember as a kid when i lived in dryden way flats in southey green (they`ve been knocked down now) the bread van coming round and running out to him most days with what ever money i could get of my mum.you could get everything off that bloke his van was like aladdins cave. he he
  2. i totally agree there`s loads. I`ve recently moved to barnsley after living in sheffield all my life (22yrs im not that old i know) and we must get a new take-away menu through our letter box every single day i`ve got a bloody draw full.
  3. hi guys. im new to this site wahts this site your talkin about sounds great. i`ve just moved to barnsley so somewere to talk bout wednesday sounds brill
  4. stead85


    and the worst thing about that studentnurse is you were`nt paring with it,you were only getting out the packet :P
  5. Is there anybody on this site who went to Ecclesfield Comp between 1996 & 2001 ?????? Get in touch.