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  1. Steve HB Thats the one I was thinking of. I used to live near there. It is now part of the green space between Pitsmoor Rd and Woodside Lane.
  2. If my memory serves me correctly Sales St once joined Grove Street to Birley St or Fowler St can't remember which. It was a short steep street. Everything in that area now gone. Check http://www.burngreavemessenger.org.uk/gree...deopenspace.pdf It might help. Dennis
  3. Yes, Still there in the 1959 Kellys. I know Tom Cross Lane was the old name for Brunswick Rd. Where does New Brunswick Street fit in ?
  4. Do you mean the one that used to be on Brunswick Road, Pitsmoor? If so, no, it was pulled down in the redevelopment of that area
  5. Mollymoo Your date profile matches mine, schools DOB etc. The only other person I can remember who fits this is Eileen McKay is that you? My name is Dennis Cerrone do you know me?
  6. Abbeyfield Park Toilets, Burngreave Rd
  7. First place I ever got drunk in, largely due to workmates sliping whiskey into my beer. It was Xmas about 1964/5 I had just started work from school at Beatsons Electrical just along the road. They took me home in the back of a van and dumped me on the steps of the Burngreave Liberal Club, which my parents were running at the time.
  8. This is the school that Charlie Peace is reputed to have attended.
  9. The book I got the picture from is Edwardian Biography: Sheffield
  10. In 1936 when he stayed in Sheffield he lodged at Wallace Road, Neepsend, it could have been somewhere around there I suppose. It fits in with the railway.
  11. If I have read this right this is the Grandson of Bernard Wake.
  12. The spectacles look like the ones now in the Fire Brigade Museum at West Bar
  13. Dunsbyowl Thanks, always been one of my favourites, now even more so now I know the Sheffield connection
  14. The golf course of Abbey Lane, near the junction with Abbeydale Rd South?
  15. True bill The written decision of a Grand Jury (signed by the Grand Jury foreperson) that it has heard sufficient evidence from the prosecution to believe that an accused person probably committed a crime and should be indicted. Thus, the indictment is sent to the court.
  16. a. I think it is an old hand powered petrol pump b. Stag Public House Psalter Lane, if not no idea!
  17. During the WW2 it was used as a punishment base for bomber crews who had failed to find their way to Germany, or dropped their bombs too early i.e. on open countryside, or had too many occasions on which faults on their aircraft forced them to turn back. The crews were described as "lacking in moral fibre" or "in need of retraining"
  18. Holiday Inn Victoria Station Approach
  19. His last resting place was not disclosed by the authorities as far as I am aware. He was born on the 14th May 1832 in Angel Court which was on Nursery Street, the Court is long gone. He attended a school on Pitsmoor Rd, thats still there opposite the Tollgate Inn with a more modern frontage on it. He also went to a school in Paradise Sq, the building is probably still there but I dont know which one it is. It was known as Hebblethwaites.
  20. I think that means buried within the walls of the prison. His body is not there now it was moved along with others when alterations were made to Armley Jail
  21. Getting the hang of it now, thanks for the help. Peace on trial for his life.
  22. This is a plan of the murder scene where Peace shot Mr Dyson.