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  1. Just before the Sheffield gale. My house on Helen Terrace is still intact. The house we moved to after the gale, which destroyed the roof of Helen Terrace, was  Pye Bank Close, which is not finished. The gale was February 1962.

  2. On 9/26/2009 at 13:55, DaveH said:

    Here's a couple from the set of 1974 pictures which I have posted before (sorry).


    They are of the old Sheffield Rolling Mills.


    I think the area immediately behind these works is Parkwood springs

    ...or is it neepsend first and then Parkwood springs?

    ...or is Parkwood springs further up away from town?





    The houses on the skyline in pic 1, are Woodside, Pye Bank, Pitsmoor, take your pick. The houses with the round roofs were  called Dutch houses or upside down houses. I lived in one of them and they provided splendid views of the valley towards where the picture was taken from.

  3. On 09/12/2017 at 17:35, madannie77 said:

    I would think that it is in Neepsend. The Mini Van is coming out of Boyland Street onto Rutland Road which is about to pass under the railway line and the remains of buildings on Manners Street are at the bottom of the embankment. I would think that the chimney on the other side of the railway line belongs to the brick works marked on the map linked to below. The photographer is basically at the junction of Rutland Road and Hicks Street.


    I agree I remember that signal box.


  4. On 11/12/2016 at 12:03, Lyn 1 said:

    I seem to recall a link via a lady relative who lived at Page Hall. I remember the lady (1960s) who wore a fur coat, kept herself to herself, possibly lived on Hinde House Lane, and it was after she died that letters linking her to Christie were found in a sideboard or something that Patnick's junk shop at Page Hall had obtained in a house clearance. Does anyone else recall this? Maybe she was cousin or something. 

    I remember that. I think the Star did an article on it. 

  5. A fine piece of work, but £200 ... no Thanks. It's always for sale, wonder what the rest of the book is like, has anyone read it please ?

    Thank you for posting this extract up.

    Any maps showing the yard anyone please ? Or a modern map showing where it was ?

    I've got a copy of the book,dated 1949. Its a withdrawn stock Sheff City Libraries copy. There are no maps or pictures in it, but the content is very interesting. I bought it years agao for about £5 in a now defunct 2nd hand book shop. It is not signed

  6. Could it have been a bit further north at Barnborough, between Barnsley and Rotherham / Doncaster. Out of Sheffield but still in South Yorkshire.

    This would give an even better fit on the sound and structure of the names.



    Who knows, is Barnborough near to the A1 M1 routes that seems to be a factor in trying to locate the site.


  7. Any clues as to where Brunanburh might have been anyone ?

    Very interesting read, Thank you JohnEBoy.

    Graham Bell, author of "Yorkshire Battlefields", says it took place near to Catcliffe and Brinsworth. This is supported to some extent by Michael Wood, author of "In Search of the Dark Ages" who says it took place somewhere along the Don Valley. Coincidently the two names fit nicely, just a thought.



  8. The Bombshell; A Monthly Journal Devoted To The Interests Of The Employees Of Thos. Firth and Sons Ltd, Norfolk Works

    Earliest mention I can find is March 1923; certainly went on into 1931, maybe longer - when it was Thomas Firth & John Brown Ltd.

    Anyone ever heard of it, or seen a copy ?


    I've got a copy of the "Bombshell" dated August 1920 No8 Vol 4. It contains details of my Gt Grandfathers service with Firths.


  9. HI Oldcanny street kid, l remember Macro St in the early 40ties , on the painting ,there is an opening with a arched lintol, was that the passage way leading to some houses ? on the left ,in a yard, l worked on them for a couple of weeks, making temporary repairs after the blitz, l got on well with the daughter in the bot; house , but can't recall the name, this passage lead to Verdon st do you remember this ?Cheers Skeets


    Are you sure about the passage leading to Verdon St?

    Verdon Street as I remember it ran off Fitzalan St about half a mile away.