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  1. Just before the Sheffield gale. My house on Helen Terrace is still intact. The house we moved to after the gale, which destroyed the roof of Helen Terrace, was Pye Bank Close, which is not finished. The gale was February 1962.
  2. My Aunty Flo who lived on Platt St told me that funerals were taking place all night, she saw them going up Rutland Rd to Burngreave Cemetery. Her maiden name was Ward, her married name, Appleyard! Don't know of any connection though.
  3. The houses on the skyline in pic 1, are Woodside, Pye Bank, Pitsmoor, take your pick. The houses with the round roofs were called Dutch houses or upside down houses. I lived in one of them and they provided splendid views of the valley towards where the picture was taken from.
  4. Is the gent in the second picture of the taxis, John Edward Bingham? of Walker and Hall.
  5. Its name was later changed to Thistle Street. No idea why.
  6. Hi Where can I buy copies of some of your picsSiren
  7. I think this is the place that James Firth V.C. worked. Can anybody confirm this?
  8. the "canary girls" were the ones who worked with phosphorous. The phospherous poisoned them and turned the skin yellow. Many died from it.
  9. I remember Owler Lane in the early 60's when Mr Gregory was head, followed by the notorius Edwards.
  10. Pictures 8 and 9. Could they be in the area of the old Neepsend Station. I think there was a bridge over the Woodhead line, not sure if its stil there.
  11. I've got a copy of the book,dated 1949. Its a withdrawn stock Sheff City Libraries copy. There are no maps or pictures in it, but the content is very interesting. I bought it years agao for about £5 in a now defunct 2nd hand book shop. It is not signed