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  1. I used to go to the Chuck Wagon with my girlfriend, now my wife, and was devastated when it burned down. It was great food and as you say one of the first of its kind in Sheffield. The other I know was Uncle Sam's on Ecclesall road. Hillsborough drinking on a Sat afternoon and then the Chuck Wagon. Brilliant. I don't know what you think but going out seemed to be much cheaper then in the seventies and early eighties. We would go out seven nights a week and usually end up in a nightclub. Restaurants opened later and we used to go into town restaurants after closing time and even after the nightclubs. The Indus in the square was a favourite. We would sometimes go to a City Hall concert before the main drinking sessions. Roxy Music, Elton John or maybe the Who were all enjoyed with drinks in the Albert across the road before, last orders in the pubs and a nightclub afterwards, We never had particularly well paid jobs and shudder to think what that kind of lifestyle would cost today. My daughters don,t go out more than a few times a month and it costs them an arm and a leg. Sorry I digress, I still get a bit sad when I think of the tree growing up through the ruins of the Chuck wagon years after it burned down.
  2. Thanks for your detailed memories they add up to what i recall.
  3. Thank,s, the map helps a lot. Do you think it shows that the pond has silted up or is it still open water?
  4. Thank's, I can remember fishing with my net for sticklebacks in the muddy stream at the side of the goldroom buildings. we used to get through the railings and climb down at the side of the tunnel thet took the water undre the road. On one occasion my mate fell in and sank up to his neck in black, stinking sludge. I think the mill pond must have silted up and become overgrown by the late sixties because I dont remember any open water on the 'goldroom' side of the road. Do you think the 'marsh' and open water on the other side of the road was the remnants of the same pond and was it quite a big expanse of bullrushes as I seem to remember.
  5. Does anyone remember the newt ponds at the bottom of the quarry in the sixties and early seventies? The quarry and brickyard were entered from Halifax rd just above wadsley Bridge. Any photo's? were there any fish, other than sticklebacks in the factory pond?
  6. The hill ,cut through by the railway, from the viaduct as you look to the right from Hillsborough, used to be known by me and my mates in the sixties( and still by me today) as Scotsmans Hill. Does anyone out there know why? You used to be able to see some of the pitch and players during football matches from the top of this hill. Another memory of the area is the marshy.land opposite the Sheffield Wednesday ground on Penistone Rd . If I remember correctly it dissapeared when the trading/industrial estate was built. I think the water came from a stream that flowed under the road from the side of Bramhalls Gold Room. The 'Marsh' could be viewed through some green railings opposite the Gold Room (I dont think that was there at the time) and seemed to spread with some open water( as a fisherman I often wondered if it contained any fish,other than sticklebacks) to the back of some brick built factories at the side of the Don. can anyone confirm this and are there any photo's of the area?