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  1. Looking for any local newspaper reports of WW2 POW'S return home. My interest is Ernest Warris who was captured at Mersa Matruh Egypt 29/6/1942 taken to Tobruk and then on eventually to Italian POW CAMP 55/6 at Busseto. He escaped on 8/9/1943 with two others and helped by partisans walked over the mountains to Switzerland. He was eventually detained in Caux Palace camp until his repatriation to England .Ernest was a Pvt in the 5th battalion East Yorkshire Regiment and lived in Pitsmoor Sheffield.His repatriation would be shortly before the end of the war. Could anyone look up in the Newspaper archives to see if any report of his repatriation to Sheffield. We have all the details of his journey and time in POW camps and all the details of his journey to Switzerland, including who helped him on the way ie partisans. My Brother and his wife(Ernest's daughter) made the journey to Italy and Switzerland and followed his route as near as possible and were even lucky enough to meet relatives of the partisans who helped him. They have edited all the information including letters and photos into a family book for the children and Grandchildren .To add any local newspaper reports would complete the story.
  2. Many Thanks for your replies. Sounds as if Old Holland was not a very nice place to live at that time, though hopefully it may have improved a little by the time my Shaw family were there. Sounds as if it was a hard life on the canals and as it would appear the children often came to grief! Can't imagine how they brought up a family living in those conditions. Strangely I was born in Kimberworth in Hill Top Lane my parents returning there after living in Sheffield all their lives and when they married in the war they moved to Kimberworth. As a small child I remember walking down the hillside to Tinsley as there were no houses there then. We walked by the canal over a basket bridge and to Tinsley to catch a tram to Firth Park .From those days I was always scared of canals and deep water even though I learnt to swim. Must have registered with me as a rather foreboding place. Funny how I now find I have canal boat workers in my ancestors?
  3. I am researching some of my Shaw family who were canal boat owners or Masters of Vessels on the canal in Swinton/Mexborough/Rotherham area in the 1800's.On the 1861census George Shaw Master of Vessel and his wife Ann were living at Old Holland ,Kimberworth Rotherham along with many other Owners and Masters. Does anyone have any information on these workers and was this address a Boarding house for the canal boatmen?I would be interested to know what they may have been transporting and names of vessels or anything regarding their working life. By 1881 he was a boat owner as his father Joseph Shaw had been according to the Swinton directory in 1860.Any info greatly appreciated Thanks.
  4. Wishing to place a cross for our Great Uncle William Arthur Colley Gnr Royal Field Artillery who died 28/6/1916 on the Somme, for Remembrance Day we were dismayed to find that the plaque bearing the names of the men who worked at the Atlas works on Saville St had been moved. After searching my son found that it had been moved to inside AT Allvac ltd Cyclops works President Way just off Saville St and could only be accessed by appointment. Anyone know why it has been moved when the original wall at the Atlas works is still there? It surely should have been left in its original place where it was easily accessible to anyone wishing to view and leave their tokens of Remembrance at any time.
  5. Just picked up this posting. Think I was in the same class at the same time Lyn. I agree Mr Coombs was a great teacher. I went to Abbeydale Girls Grammar from Shiregreen and so did Mr Coombs daughter. They were fantastic times .Remember going up Wincobank Hill once with Mr Ludbrook to see an eclipse. We all had small pieces of smoked glass to look through. I also remember the headteacher Mr Kent ,he always seemed so tall? Remember the death of King George V1and we all had to listen to the radio in the hall broadcasting the funeral.I was Margaret Godwin in those days .Remember Janet Leach ,Sandra Day Susan Taylor(they had a shop on Heather Rd)Happy Days!!!
  6. Hello John,Think you will know me Margaret Colley nee Godwin.I was a Lifeboy Leader at Firth Park Methodist Chapel in the 50's and all my brothers were in the Boys Brigade.My father Wilf Godwin and most of his friends in the 30's.We had some brill times there.We are all still going strong John.I have lived in Chesterfield now for almost 50years.Remember with great affection your Mum and Dad.Have spent the last 11 years since retiring on genealogy studies hence my interest in this site.Would love to hear from you though i dont want to display my e-mail address here on open forum.Best Wishes Margaret
  7. Please could someone look up for me two graves if at all possible. Firstly one for William Hargate died 1915(no exact date)and Savilla Hargate his wife died 1923(no exact date) i think it may be da89c.Also if there are any others buried in this grave and any inscription. Secondly one for Fredrick john Walter Colley died 16/03/1936 and his wife Susannah Colley died 25/5/1942 could be rb82c.Also again if there are others buried with them and if there is any inscription.Many thanks as i am away from Sheffield and in my 70's.These are my husbands grandparents and my Great Grandparents.
  8. Have been trying to get a death cert for my great great Grandmother Isabella Bruce without success for a number of years.She is shown on the buriel index as buried on 8th Dec 1844 in St Peter and St Paul's.I have enquired at the Sheffield Registry Office to no avail and she is not shown on BMD or other sites.She is shown on the 1841 census living with husband George and son George in the Wicker could be Stanley Street.I have hit a brick wall as i have no maiden name for her and from the census it shows her birth as Ireland.Can any one come up with ideas to move my research forward.Thanks
  9. Many many thanks for the images of William Arthur Colley and the information you sent.The first photo we already had and i think this may have been sent to you by my husbands cousin Gary Bond who we know is doing a project on the Great War soldiers.However the second one which looks as if it was from the local newspaper we did not have and were thrilled to receive.Strangely enough we have a photograph of William Arthur's Mother wearing a broach with an image in it of a soldier which we assumed was William Arthur.We had looked at it through a magnifying glass and it looks as if it is this very photo so you can imagine this means a great deal to us to see the original.Thank you once again for your prompt and very exciting reply all the family are very greatful.Best Wishes Skala
  10. As a child i remember my parents and Grandparents had a book printed by the Sheffield Telegraph i think called Sheffield at War.It was full of the pictures taken in Sheffield after the nights of the Blitz.It also had a pull out map in the center which marked where every bomb had fallen in Sheffield .Unfortunately both our family copies have vanished over time and i wondered if it was still possible to get hold of copies or has it never been printed since.Will the Star or Sheffield Telegraph be printing anything for the 70th anniversary?Many Thanks Skala
  11. Hello Trefcon Have just found this site looks brilliant .Would it please be possible to send me a copy of William Arthur Colley 82227 Gunner RFA of 12 Leigh St as this is my husbands Uncle who died on 28 June 1916 on the Somme and is buried at Bronfay Farm Military Cemetery.As his attestation papers were destroyed in the Blitz in WW11 we only have limited info on him.Would be most greatful for any info Many Thanks Skala