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  1. link to artery album here http://rapidshare.com/files/279718712/ARTERY_-_INTO_THE_GARDEN.rar enjoy
  2. I went to this match it was a day after my 9th birthday and all our class went from Norfolk school. Our teachers sister was Christine Owen who was with Brian Joicey at the time and she gave all our class a ticket. It was a great birthday present even though I was from the red side of the town.
  3. There are two tracks from the Negatives in the folder "va- new wave from the heart" the tracks are Metallic Thread Shirt and Do'nt Say Goodbye you will find some other famous local bands on there as well http://www.thestodge.co.uk/sheffieldbands Just to say sorry but I have moved hosts for my site now and I am sorry no one could get the tracks uploading them again
  4. thestodge

    bread van

    I have fond memories of the Fletchers Vans , when I visited family on Wordsworth Avenue he used to pip his horn with a distinct sound and we all would rush to get the bakewell with coconut shavings on top and an eccles cake. How I wish they were still about
  5. please see added post lower down for update
  6. Nickname Stodge born 34 Colley Avenue in 1963 real name Roger went to Norfolk School, Herdings and Gleadless Valley Lived on Morland Road Herdings for 20 or so years Married for 20 years now and live in S20 Sheffield anybody that knows me get in touch BTW this looks a brill site and shall have to find out a load of snapshots to post Thanks for viewing
  7. add to your list The Sinceros (Lene Lovich backing band) Fine Young Cannibals I saw both these at the Limit I was a regular from 1978 onwards enjoyed it immensly Ian Williams was a good friend of mine as well as Tank. Another guy I remember fondly was Phil Wright he and I have something in common, He met his lovely wife Elizabeth there and I proposed to my wife there in 1987. The band I most went to see was Cabaret Voltaire (my fave band)
  8. I voted the Limit I was in there every conceivable night I could watching all the live bands I grew up on it