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  1. The City Centre end of London has obviously changed much over the years with the new buildings going up, and being cut off from The Moor by the new road and buildings layouts, but what about further up? Has London Road really changed that much?
  2. Sidney Street is about to be transformed beyond belief. A few details in this video but it would be good to hear from anyone who remembers Paternoster Row and Sidney Street in years gone by to give some idea of what it was like to live or work in that area. Was it mostly steelworks and little workshops?
  3. Sheffield History

    Fitzalan Square

  4. Goodbye Redgates Toy Shop in Sheffield This photo from @deejayone shows the famous Sheffield toy shop getting stripped down, smashed up and demolished. Am sure there are many Sheffielders out there with memories of this great place that will be sad to see it go..
  5. Sheffield History

    Eyam Plague Village in Derbyshire

    Anyone enjoyed this relaxing stroll into Eyam Village? The tea shop here is amazing by the way. Not the one in the square (although that's great) but the Eyam Tea Shop and B&B just behind where the photo in the video above is taken
  6. Sheffield History

    Scarborough - Sheffield's favourite seaside town?

    PS - The Futurist Theatre that's in this video was built in 1921 and is being demolished as I type this
  7. Sheffield History

    Sheffield's Quirky Places

    Awesome find!! Thank you!
  8. Sheffield History

    Banner Name

    You should already see a change on that one If you refresh the page it should appear
  9. Wow that's incredible detective work! amazing!
  10. The famous village of Eyam in Derbyshire is such a great day out regardless of it's history. The teashops alone are worth the visit
  11. Sheffield History

    Banner Name

    Thank you Thylacine was the inspiration Are the colours ok?
  12. Sheffield History

    FARGATE in Sheffield City Centre