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  1. Sheffield History

    Past Chapters in Sheffield History

    Good shout - thanks for the heads up!
  2. West Street has definitely changed. Some places and buildings are no longer there, some have been repurposed and renamed (such as Bloo88) and some are about to be demolished. What memories do you have of West Street?
  3. Sheffield History

    Eyam Plague Village in Derbyshire

    I went on the bus So easy to get there/back from there Via Chatsworth Estate too - lovely!
  4. Any Ecclesfield residents remember any of these places/faces? It's not as busy on this stretch of road with people anymore is it?
  5. Sheffield History

    Heppenstall Lane, Attercliffe

    Heppenstall Lane in Attercliffe, Sheffield 1952
  6. Sheffield History

    The Jackson Five at The Fiesta Club in Sheffield

    No no - it wasn't me! The quotes are from the promoter/booker of the Fiesta Club
  7. Sheffield History

    Spital Hill in 1970

    The swap shop sounds interesting - what was that and how did it work?
  8. Sheffield History

    Remember when Moorhead looked like this?

    Totally agree Where is it currently?
  9. Sheffield History


    Ahhhh I've heard that many times but never known the origin Such a curious thing to say!
  10. Sheffield History

    158 PIcturesque Views Of Sheffield

  11. 158 PIcturesque Views Of Sheffield Does anyone have a copy of this?