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  1. Mystery Location - any ideas?

    Here's the latest mystery location to try and identify The cooling towers should give it away.. Any guesses?
  2. Malin Bridge is on the whole a really nice place to be. Here we can see Bowaters (not sure what it was - was it decorators shop?)
  3. Another location that's not changed that much over the years. This is it in the 1960's Main change I think has been the addition of the Supertram route through this scene
  4. Not really changed that much as you can see but here's a photo of Dykes Lane shops from the 1960's if anyone knows where that is Just up from Malin Bridge school
  5. Old and new side by side. Anyone remember this old house in Sheffield 6?
  6. Anyone know where this photo was taken?
  7. Everyone must have one of these. A place you've seen or been to or heard about in Sheffield that seems mysterious to you that you might like to know a bit more about. Could be a sweet factory that nobody goes in or out of, or a mysterious scary looking building, or maybe a place where there used to be houses, or a tunnel to somewhere strange. Maybe it's an old cinema building, or a mysterious tower somewhere. What's yours? Let us know and we'll try and find out as much information and photos as possible about them!
  8. Fargate postcard

    Loving that photo! Thanks for posting it's ace!
  9. Anyone ever visit the Roof Top Cafe in Castle Market in Sheffield City Centre? Any good?
  10. SHEFFIELD CINEMAS I just ordered this Sheffield Cinemas book as I've been told it's choc full of photos of cinemas that no longer exist, memories of all Sheffield Cinemas from my childhood and stories of Sheffield's cinema's throughout the years. It's available here at Amazon - http://amzn.to/2BriG2U
  11. This is what made Sheffield great

    Amazing photos thank you for posting those Never seen anything quite like it. Such a big and brutal industry That huge circular steel construction is incredible
  12. What a photograph this is. High Street In Sheffield City Centre from wayyyy back Not seen this one before but it has to be one of my new all time favourite photos of Sheffield!
  13. Do you remember the MASSIVE Christmas tree that used to sit in the centre of the Hole In The Road? It was a real giant!
  14. Christmas in Sheffield city centre

    The strange thing is I don't ever remember going to Redgates for Christmas Everywhere else yeah but not Redgates Wonder why? Maybe I did and can't remember it