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    Hello All, I've continued to look into the story of Bramall Lane Bridge (earlier posts will seem confusing now as I have learned the name of the bridge since I started the thread - which is great!). A research group that I am involved in has installed an information board at the former Staples end of the bridge and I have met with Decathlon about having a display of information in their car park, taking advantage of the railings there since the partial collapse of the culvert three years ago. One main question. The bridge appears to date from the c.1840's - why was it constructed? It does far more than carry the former route of Bramall Lane. Presumably an industrial site needed the structure in place before building? If so what would that have been? Many thanks for the information people have posted here. Your work has been a great help
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    We used to go in the Waggon in the late 60's/early 70's. It was considered to be the 'hippy pub' because it's where all the middle class kids with long hair met. Like the last posting many of the clients graduated from Dodcroft. It was also one of the first Sheffield pubs to have a female landlady. My dear friend, the late Carol Shepherd's mother was the landlady in the late 60's. Carol's father was orginally the landlord but when he suddenly died his wife asked if she could take over. Reluctantly the brewery agreed on condition that she completed a probationary period, this she did and made a roaring success of the business. I go in occasionally but it's lost much of it's original character. It now is part of the True North chain who also own the Broadfield and several other pubs. I think they have just aquired the Ball Inn at Crookes? Cheers, Wazzie Worrall
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