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    How much can you remember about Change Alley in Sheffield City Centre? What exactly was it? What buildings, shops and businesses were there? Any memories of change alley that you can share with us?
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    Check out this glorious photograph of Sheffield City Centre showing an old tram, a bus, and cars all in the same shot! Also - Woolworth & C on the right hand side of the picture Any idea what year this might have been?
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    Sheffield Independent 04 May 1822 Kings Head Coach Office, Change Alley.
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    Sheffield Register, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, & Nottinghamshire Universal Advertiser 25 April 1794 Could Lot 1 be the four story building in the centre of the photo ?? ( Left of centre )
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    Change Alley Sheffield City Centre
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    Do these scenes of Moorfoot bring back any memories for people? Do they look familiar?
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