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    OK Folks, here's a decent (alphabetical) list of Sheffield Bridges; can you add to it ? Are there any duplicates ? I'm putting a finish date of 1950 on this listing so we don't need any Supertram or Meadowhall type bridges (if such things exist). Eventually, as per Pubs, Cinemas etc each Bridge will have a post all of its own; it's at that point that we get to apply known dates/picture links etc. Abbyssinia Bridge Jansen Street Armchair Bridge Whiteley Woods Ball Street Bridge Ball Street Barkers Pool Bridge Bernard Road Bridge Blonk Bridge Blonk Street Brightside Bridge Weedon Street Brocco Bank Bridge Brocco Bank Brookbanks Bridge Brookflat Bridge Carbrook Broomhead Bridge Ewden Broughton Lane Bridge Cadman Street Bridge Canal Bridge Corporation Street Bridge/Borough Bridge Corporation Street Deepcar Bridge Derwent Packhorse Bridge Duchess Road Bridge Dyer's Hill Bridge Dyer's Hill East Coast Road Bridge Ecclesall Road Bridge Ecclesall Road/Botanical Road Ewden Bridge Forge Bridge Brookhouse Hill Frog Walk Bridge General Cemetery Glen Bridge Rivelin Valley Road Havelock Bridge Heeley Bridge High Bridge/Wadsley Bridge Wadsley Bridge Hill Bridge/Walkley Lane Bridge Hillfoot Bridge Hillfoot Hillsborough Bridge Langsett Road Hollins Bridge (a former Packhorse Bridge) Iron Bridge Corporation Street Lady's Bridge Waingate, foot of Leadmill Bridge/Boardman's Bridge Leadmill Road Leppings Lane Bridge Leppings Lane Little Bridge between the Wednesday ground and the bottom of Leppings Lane Little Sheffield Bridge Malin Bridge Middlewood Footbridge Beeley Wood Works Midhope Bridge Mill Bridge Ewden Morehall Bridge Moscar Bridge (Cut Throat Bridge) Manchester Road/Ladybower Inn Mousehole Bridge Neepsend Bridge Neepsend Newhall Bridge Norfolk Bridge Burton Weir Oughtibridge Oughtibridge Owlerton Bridge Penistone Road Pinfold Bridge Portmahon Bridge Primrose Meadow Bridge Broadfield Road Rails Road Bridge/formerley Corn Mill Bridge Rivelin Valley Road Railway Lift Bridge, Tinsley Park Colliery Shepcote Lane Rivelin Bathing Pool Bridges Rivelin Valley Road Rivelin Bridge Manchester Road Rivelin Parkhorse Bridge Rails Road/Upper Coppice Dam Rivelin Valley Road Bridge Rivelin Valley Road Rivelin's Little Plank Bridges Roscoe Mill Bridge Roscoe Wheel and Water Mill Rowel Bridge Loxley Valley Rydal Road Bridge Sheaf Bridge/Shear Bridge bottom of Dixon Lane Shirland Lane Bridge Skeltons Bridge (aka 'Skelly's') Cutlers Walk Heeley (map link below) Soughley Bridge Deepcar-Wortley Spooner Wheels Bridge Rivelin Valley Road Stevenson Road Bridge Stevenson Road Stocksbridge Stocksbridge Storth Lane Bridge Fulwood Strines and Agen Bridges Thurgoland Lane Bridge Wortley Top Forge Tin Mill Bridge Wortley Totley Bridge Unsliven Bridge Stocksbridge Wardsend Bridge Wardsend Washford Bridge/Attercliffe Bridge Water Lane Bridge Castle Street-Snig Hill West Barre Brigge West Bar Whirlow Bridge Windsor Street Bridge Wortley Bridge Wortley Iron Works ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Question : Which of the above was also known as Killicrankies Bridge ?
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