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    A family history researcher has asked me this question "I inherited an old pen knife some years ago and it is made by a Joseph Buxton of Sheffield (see attachments). From the research i have done it appears there were two Joseph Buxton's but there does not seem to be any information on them in order for me to establish which one made the knife" I wonder if any reader of the forum can point us in the right direction.
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    A possibility is as follows. Joseph Buxton born Q1 1847 son of Isaac Buxton and Elizabeth Lloyd who were married in 1834. Joseph married Sarah Hutchinson in 1866. Advert for Joseph Buxton in 1899, and entry from Whites Directory 1905 (home address 30 Bower Road) : 1896 map showing Rodgers Wheel: Isaac Buxton marriage 1834: Joseph Buxton and Sarah Lloyd marriage 1866: Census returns 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911: BUT - here's the mystery - in 1911, despite Sarah stating that she was a widow, Joseph was boarding at 28 Bower Road, next door to their previous residence. After Sarah died in 1924, Joseph married Mary Elizabeth Wargg in Q1 1928. Mary Elizabeth was buried on 9th December 1929 and Joseph died 3 months later on 24th February 1930, both at 3 Barber Place, and both were buried at Crookes Cemetery in grave 4066. Joseph left £9378 8s 11d,
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