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    Amazing picture in High Street 1966 of a Victorian sewer. This was found during work to construct the new Castle Square roundabout.
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    I have recently helped write and install a second information board on the opposite side of the bridge in conjunction with Decathlon, who have been very supportive and interested.
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    Picture 1 is the approach to the station taken in 1937. 2 is the top end from 1948 and picture 3. Picture 4 shows the turntable also 1948 By the way the white lines are crop marks for photo editing purposes.
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    The Porter Brook emerging briefly in the former Staples car park off Eyre Street. 1949 and 2019.
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    Weston bank. That's Wards Universtity bookshop ahead.
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    Here is one of my Grandfather's glass slides of High Street that looks to be taken from about the same place
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    The view over the wall is that of the GPO building on Flat Street so the street where the cars are parked must be Milk Street (If I've remembered the name correctly). It was at the back of the plot of land where the Odeon was built running from Norfolk Street. Strangely enough, I can't remember the business premises with the name Horsefield.
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    A short Sheffield film documenting the Covid 19 Lockdown of 2020
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    Some interesting reading here and I wasn’t aware that the two Cinecenta screens were now part of the Odeon Luxe multi-screens on Arundel Gate, but I suppose they are actually in the basement!?! 😆 http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/27483
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    I was looking through some photos I have on disc yesterday, I forgot I had taken these.
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    I found this image a few days ago. It's not very clear as it's just from an old thumbnail, but it shows the war memorial at Wadsley Bridge with Sharpe's shop immediately behind it . Would this be the opening ceremony maybe? It looks very well attended!
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    Here is another one from a postcard, dated 1908. Big curve in the tram tracks to Church Street.
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    I would bet that everyone on here would agree with you, to me it;s as bad as chucking a brick through a window, it's a crime and should be dealt with as such.
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    Here is a pic i took at the end of last year around the back of the ‘buildings’ for anyone whos interested It was just a quick point and click on the phone.
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    The map also shows several other pubs: Norfolk Arms - bottom of Norfolk Street Black Swan - corner of Flat Street and Little Pond Street Tankard Inn - Little Pond Street Barrell - Little Pond Street Prince of Wales - corner of Sycamore Street and Flat Street.
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    Skippers delicious Sardines.
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    Something a bit like this, I think. What was this end of Wilstrop Road appears to now be Shirland Court. Most of the other side roads have gone, and the route of Shirland Lane in the distance has changed. As it was,with the arrow giving an idea as to where the photographer was looking. Tockwith Road is the road just behind the arrow. From Map 182
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    Close ups from Britain From Above 1926 and then 1950
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    Trams (and horses!) on High Street in 1914
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    The St Vincent's area is where the crofts were sited, what i find sad about any old photos like this one is the thought that even though they look happy their lives were a day to day battle and worse of all they are all dead. The photo shows Queen Street leading to Scotland Street.
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    The Black Horse was put on the "Compensation list" to be closed down, in February 1926, hearing to be held on 22nd June, on the grounds of redundancy and unsuitability of the premises. The owners' brief argued that it had been in the family for three generations (though I suppose not necessarily the licence holders). A sale of all the pub's fixtures and fittings was held on 8th January 1927 - these included an upright pianoforte, a 4-pull beer machine, inlaid mahogany top tables, spittoons and a copper hot water urn. The compensation for the loss of the licence was agreed as £1,105. Between 1905 and 1927 53 public houses and 191 beer-houses were put on the compensation lists and the total amount of compensation paid was £291,262. In July 1933 Frank Robson (the licensee of the Black Horse from 1905-1910) was granted discharge from his bankruptcy. He owed his unsecured creditors £424 and he paid a dividend of 7s 10 3/4 d. The bankruptcy had taken place in 1911, 22 years previously. He now intended to go into the building business with his two sons.
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    New video exploring the Megatron and the culvert tunnel system - contains history of the rivers and plans for the future of the culverts:
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    Covers more than just Penistone. Includes: Stocksbridge, Langsett, Thurgoland, Midhope, etc. Includes a photo gallery. https://penistonearchive.co.uk/
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    Some recent finds A lone 16 ton mineral wagon left on bay line!
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    Very good article about Bramall Lane Bridge from the Sheffield Utd match programme earlier this week.
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    This morning I went under Bramall Lane Bridge and investigated further. The far end of the bridge's route (now under the Decathlon car park) is 100 metres from the Staples car park end already shown on this thread (the measurements are marked along the way to aid workmen). I post pictures of the other end of the bridge and an outflow inside the culvert that I think was originally from the Vulcan works dam and water power site. Although I'm happy to be wrong again
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    Archives and Local Studies staff had an extremely successful day at the auction of the Tim Hale Photographic Collection yesterday. Thanks to generous public donations together with support from the Graves Trust we saved over 2,000 cards for Picture Sheffield. We secured a fantastic range of subjects including street scenes, sport, hospitals, pubs, transport, temperance, industry, Sheffield greetings cards, local elections, advertising, early aviation, World War I, schools and theatres, and many more. We’ll be sorting through the photographs over the coming weeks - watch out for them on www.picturesheffield.com. We’ll also be arranging a display in the Central Library later in the year. Thanks again for all your support! Peter Evans Archives and Heritage Manager
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    A huge thank you to everyone who donated to our emergency appeal to raise funds to save as much of the Tim Hale Photographic Collection as we can for Picture Sheffield. The response to the appeal has been amazing, raising several thousand pounds in just a matter of days. We hope to buy at least some of the collection at the auction and make it available for everyone to see on Picture Sheffield. Thank you once again. Peter Evans Archives and Local Studies Manager
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    I think I've identified the mysterious railings and platform. I think that they are at the front/rear of the building to the immediate top of the garden area and directly across from the telephone call box on the bus station. If you study the 1950's map carefully there seems to be a small area that faces onto Pond Street. I'm afraid my editing capabilities aren't up to placing an arrow on a copy of the map. Sorry about the "wild goose chase" hilldweller
  38. 3 points
    I've got several locations with pictures, but never seen an exposure as big as this one. 4 lines into 2? Any other geeks might want to keep an eye out down there, as they are redeveloping it, so more might be uncovered. Exchange Place into Blonk Street
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    Fitzalan Square exposed Jun 2019
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    Many thanks for the comments on the maps we have been uploading to Picture Sheffield recently. The City Archives and Local Studies Library has a wonderful collection comprising thousands of maps dating from the 16th century onwards. We are trying to give the collection a higher profile and make it available to as many people as possible. The maps are scanned at exactly the same resolution as the photographs. The difference however comes from the need to compress very large maps down to a size where they fit on a computer screen. In the light of recent comments however we have reviewed how we process the map images. The zoomed image is now larger and presented in a higher quality format. Hopefully this allows you to see more detail without slowing down the performance of Picture Sheffield. We are currently working our way through all of the map images on Picture Sheffield to improve them. The series prefixed ‘arc’ is complete. The other main set of maps (prefixed ‘y’) should be complete within a few weeks. As well as viewing the maps on Picture Sheffield the originals remain available at the City Archives and at the Local Studies Library in the Central Library should you wish to consult them. We welcome everyone who wishes to use the service in person or online. If you have any further comments or suggestions feel free to contact me via [email protected] Peter Evans, Archives and Heritage Manager
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    We believe we have the only pre-war Guy Vixen still in existence, please tell me if you know of another, this is a 1938 and will be seen at all the local rally's
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    My grandfather was a keen amateur photographer who died before I was born. My father had a box of his 3" glass slides that I inherited and have now digitised. Unfortunately only 2 are of Sheffield street scenes. Many of them are in the Yorkshire dales. There is even one that he took in Bruges and took one from the same bridge in Bruges to prove it. I have uploaded Fitzalan square previously. "Blade forging" was written on the other picture and may be my Grandmother's family.
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    Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12
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    Hello , I`m Kate , thanks for letting me join . Although I have lived in Cornwall for many years , I was born in Sheffield ( Derbyshire Lane ) and spent my youth in and around the city . I have particularly fond memories of the area around Meersbrook and Albert Road where my beloved grandparents lived , I spent a lot of time with them at number 178 , long demolished for some flats . I have old photos of their garden overlooking the Meersbrook and on up to the park , but sadly no one in the family has any photos of the front of the terrace on Albert Road . I would dearly love to visit Sheffield again but my husbands health is not good so I content myself with memories !
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    From various Church magazines. St Cuthberts mid 1940s, St Hildas late 1960s, early 70s.
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    On Ebay at the moment described as "1930 pages from ledger with letters and advertising and price list from George Wostenholm and sons Sheffield. With Scottish connection." and "Pages from old sheffield ledger of George Wostenholm & sons dated 1930/31 totals 4 letters and 3 advertisements and 1 postcard" https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/163543357592?ul_noapp=true https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/163543349893?ul_noapp=true
  47. 3 points
    Here is an extract from the 1950 OS survey Meersbrook Park in June 1963.
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    Hi there, I'm trying to find any information on a badge I dug up while gardening in Heeley Initials read "H S C" and the back text reads "Fattorini & Sons Bradford". My first guess is that it is a badge from scout or girl guides group ?? but I'm struggling to find anything that matches online. Does anybody recognise this badge and know what it might be from? And what year? Purely for interest becuase it is such a pretty thing. Thanks in advance, Anna
  49. 2 points
    High Street now Attercliffe Road, Baker Street left, Shirland Lane right. The bank building is still there, as is the Queens Head building and a few more further down but what a shame we have lost the buildings just past Baker Street, which were still there when I was in Sheffield, though not in that condition. I often look at then and now type images and wonder why our street scenes are so bland and boring now, but I think the answer to that would be very long and complicated.
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    1883 Sheffield, Yorkshire. Renewal of a Beer License. George Beeley, Eyre St Pub https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1883-Sheffield-Yorkshire-Renewal-of-a-Beer-License-George-Beeley-Eyre-St-Pub/392281450350?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D20140122125356%26meid%3D006d32d975ef41fe88b26578eda198b4%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D2%26sd%3D372679726840%26itm%3D392281450350&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851

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