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    Any current or ex BB members on here? I was in 53rd at Grimesthorpe Wesleyan Reform Chapel as Life Boy then BB & officer until leaving Sheffield in 1976. Our company had an annual 2 week camp at St Helier Jersey where we stayed in an old church which was a youth club during winter. Here we are in 1960 & 1956. I
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    It looks like it disappeared sometime in the 1970’s? Looking at maps of the site, 1905-1977, Everything around the house is changing, but the outline of the house and grounds stays the same. The maps are 1905, 1923, 1935, 1953, 1969 & 1977. In the last map of 1977, the outline of the house has gone, so one assumes it was demolished and the later industrial buildings (now MF Hire) were erected on the site?
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    I think the East Bank Road Park House could be the same as this in the Picture Sheffield "Unidentifield" section.
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    It’s probably not as obvious as my earlier post, as although ‘Park House’ (the Tinsley one) was at the end of Park House Lane, Park House School was actually built on the site of the old Tinsley Manor House. So, maybe it should have been called Manor House School? Plenty of maps around with the site of both and if you overlay the current location of Park House School, you can see what I mean...
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