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    I have lived near and used the Sportsman for more than 30 years. Prior to this Billy Calvert the boxer was landlord and the pub sign is a painting of him. In the last 30 years there have been a number of licencees, some of whom I can't remember the surnames, but here is what I can remember. Bill and Val Augwain Jamie Young aka fatpiggymc Russ Peace and Wendy Adam and Gary Russell Carol Williams and Kevin Another Kevin and his wife who formerly had The Ball Maria??? Steve and Craig two brothers And for the last 11 years until Nov 2019 Paul Frith Hope this prompts somebody to fill in the gaps.
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    New video exploring the Megatron and the culvert tunnel system - contains history of the rivers and plans for the future of the culverts:
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    Some selling dodgy watches and jewelry.
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    Very good article about Bramall Lane Bridge from the Sheffield Utd match programme earlier this week.
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    Need to research more or even get a actual image...Possible look of the plaque with info so far
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    My memory may be playing me up and it is years since I been down Angel Street but i think there were TWO 'Arcades'. The lower one ran up the side of the ABC - contained a couple of exits from the cinema and at the top a dead end apart from a a doorway to the multi - story Car Park. It was more of a tunnel than an Arcade - it was tiled if memory serrves me. On the left hand side were a couple of windows which looked into teh department store, Cockaynes I think. The other Arcade was higher up Angel Street and at the top entrance to Cockaynes - this lead up to Hartshead and teh Dove and Rainbow
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