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    From the album: Various Old n Not So Old

    A view from my window in the 70s

    © Russell

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    Here is my Uncle Tom (The Singing Busdriver) who delighted his passengers singing old fashioned songs one after the other. His singing also calmed down the troublesome passengers (the ones who had had one too many) They used to join in singing his songs.
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    From the album: Various Old n Not So Old

    This picture was given to me by a client whose mother lived on Turners Hill. He didn't know the date but thinks it's pre WW2 because many properties including his mothers suffered serious bomb damage in the war. Looking carefully you can just see a train under the iron bridge.
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    From the album: Chapeltown

    Yorkshire Penny Bank with the Midland Hotel in the background. The number 73, High Green to Sheffield Bus
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    From the album: Various Old n Not So Old

    I came across a handful of 35mm slides buried in a box in my garage. So I scraped off all the dead insects and dusted them off and scanned them. Below is a brief history of their creation. My father was a cutler and during the 70s he used to work in a wooden hut on top of a building (true). The hut was a huge garden shed approx 20ft x 20ft and full of machinery and work benches. Because of its position and good views it was known as ‘The Penthouse’. The building has now gone ( student accommodation now ). It used to be next door down from TC Harrisons workshops on Boston Street with the business name Nowlin & Sons who specialised in surgical instruments. I was only a ‘whippersnapper’ back then and purchased my first ‘real’ camera, a 35mm Praktica Nova 1b which I bought from Ron Harrison when he had his original little shop. I’m sure I probably took hundreds of pictures from high up in the penthouse; unfortunately these are the only survivors.
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