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    Such a crying shame that the Athol has succumbed to the wrecking ball, utter stupidity by the clowns in the big top.
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    Hi everyone, I have just picked up this nice postcard showing Walkley Police Station. It has been postally sent from Sheffield to an address in Grimsby and the stamp is franked 25 September 1905. On the front of the postcard is printed "Police Station, Langsett Road".
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    These pictures are from a postcard on Ebay but as bidding has ended on the item I thought they would be better in this thread. ----------- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Advertising-Postcard-The-Lounge-J-Marples-Fitzalan-Square-Sheffield-/303298984825?ul_noapp=true&nma=true&si=eQsVCh%2BPzwXhY2FB6lCsCJ9DuOU%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
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    Thanks for the feedback. I've now typed it in and added further information. I previously pasted text in, and did not realise this would create an image.
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    Thanks djash1000 13, 14 and 15 were the 3 St. Aidens blocks that stood opposite the main entrance to City Road cemetery. When the blocks were built in the mid 60s they were not painted or coloured so all the blocks looked identical in their unpainted concrete grey. The colours were only added 20 years later in the 1980s refurbishment. By this time I had moved away from this area so I am not well up with the colours, although in another post I think we did try to tie in the colours as well. DaveH
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    Amazing what rubbish one keeps hold of!
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    From a different angle.. http://www.picturesheffield.com/y01295
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    Here is the bridge concealed behind the trees in the above photo.
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    This is the approximate 'now' shot today.
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    Good luck with it, I look forward to seeing it, I really like then and now images, many areas of Sheffield have changed so much and so many times.
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    If it's not for profit and you credit Google I think you are OK but check here for the full terms. ---- https://www.google.com/permissions/geoguidelines/
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    It certainly has changed, even in my time, I had a look on Google Street View but couldn’t recognise much other than St. Mary's. I will be very interested to see the modern photo's. Have you seen Patrick Dickinson "Walking Through the River Porter Culverts" on YouTube, I haven't time to look at it again at the moment but he must have gone through that one.
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    Archives and Local Studies staff had an extremely successful day at the auction of the Tim Hale Photographic Collection yesterday. Thanks to generous public donations together with support from the Graves Trust we saved over 2,000 cards for Picture Sheffield. We secured a fantastic range of subjects including street scenes, sport, hospitals, pubs, transport, temperance, industry, Sheffield greetings cards, local elections, advertising, early aviation, World War I, schools and theatres, and many more. We’ll be sorting through the photographs over the coming weeks - watch out for them on www.picturesheffield.com. We’ll also be arranging a display in the Central Library later in the year. Thanks again for all your support! Peter Evans Archives and Heritage Manager
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    A huge thank you to everyone who donated to our emergency appeal to raise funds to save as much of the Tim Hale Photographic Collection as we can for Picture Sheffield. The response to the appeal has been amazing, raising several thousand pounds in just a matter of days. We hope to buy at least some of the collection at the auction and make it available for everyone to see on Picture Sheffield. Thank you once again. Peter Evans Archives and Local Studies Manager
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    My daughter was rummaging through a tin of my late father and came across this. The B&C are obviously Brightside and Carbrook, maybe the BC is bowling club? Anyone? Thanks.
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    This is the start of a new series of Then & Nows, based on a set of Tram photo's I have. Please post comments and memories as the topic progresses. 1. Brightside Lane 2. Norfolk Bridge 3. Penistone Rd / Langsett Rd Junction 4. Abbey Lane to Beauchief 5. Abbeydale Rd South 6. Abbeydale Rd 7. Wolsley Rd Heeley Bottom 8. Chesterfield Rd Woodsets 9. Kennings - Midland Station 10. Intake Terminus - Manor Top 11. Waingate, Blonk St, Wicker, Nursery St 12. Fitzalan Square 13. Neepsend 14. Furnival St - Brown St - Paternoster Row
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    Bus stop out side Northern General Hospital...Herries Road End
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    Unidentified Foreign Objects
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    Census for John Pinder Twibell: 1871 - Policeman (29) living at 42 Brocco street with mum and dad 1881 - Police Constable Inspector living at 40 Whitworth lane, Attercliffe 1891 - Police Constable Inspector living at 87 Langsett road (Police Station) with Fanny Pinder (Housekeeper) On September 5th 1877 the Watch Committee approved the promotion of Detective Twibell to the rank of Inspector, to replace Robert Day who had retired. Within two weeks he had proved his worth - on September 21st he was in court having apprehended two truants who had stolen a duck. They were sentenced to12 strokes of the birch each.
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    In January 1872 the Town Council minutes show that the Finance Committee estimated probable expenses up to June to include £1,000 for the erection of a district Police Station at Langsett road. By July 1873 it was in operation and accepting "customers".
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    It appears on SHEFFIELD CITY COUNCIL Central Community Assembly Report 2011 "Sheffield City Council is compiling a local list of buildings of architectural and historic merit (The Local List’). Local people have nominated buildings and structures for inclusion on the list." 33 - Former police station - 87 Langsett Road 1 - Sheffield Listed Buildings Review 1990-95
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    It was shown as separate addresses on the OS map in the 50's 4, Burgoyne Rd and 87, Langsett Rd. It must have been split at some time, and then knocked back through more recently. OS Map 31 Edit: I think it still has the dentists sign in the stained glass panel over the side door.
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    John Pindar Twibell, Inspector of police Police Station, 4 Burgoyne Road (Kelly's 1893) - SheffieldRecordsOnline - could well have changed.
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    Looks like the building is actually on Langsett Road. Number 87. There appear to be signs of the "Blue Lamp" being fixed above the door on the Langsett Road entrance, indicating that it was possibly the main entrance.
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    First mention I can find of Burgoyne Road is 1893, that building is 4 Burgoyne Road. Does that help ?, can anyone find a better date for when Burgoyne Road was started pls? Since found one single entry for a house owned by Edwin Garlick in 1864-5 (nowt to do with the photo and a bit odd it isn't mentioned in 1871 ...)
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    I don't believe the photograph can be pre 1865 as I am fairly sure that the 6 button tunic the policemen are wearing was introduced to replace the 8 button tunic which was brought in in the 1860's. I would date the photo to the 1880's.
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    Hi Steve, welcome to the Forum. There's a topic on police stations including Walkley here that you might find interesting. The one you're enquiring about did indeed use to be a dental surgery, but not for many years now. I think it's now a private house?
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