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    If my memory serves me well, it doesn't usually, I seem to remember that it was used as a stand for milk churns awaiting collection. I may possibly remember a fellow miscreant trying to get one of the lids off to quench a thirst but if pressed I would plead the UK version of the fifth amendment
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    Hi John I have found this article that may help your quest a little. Sheffield Daily Telegraph 12 April 1883
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    Hello Adrian , this one is by Atkinson Bros but looks like it may be the same pattern and said to be a scarce pattern British WW2 two blade Army clasp knife that were produced by several manufacturers in small numbers during WW2. Full description here ------ https://www.fieldserviceantiquearms.co.uk/british-ww2-army-2-blade-clasp-knife--refd1865-2164-p.asp
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    Hi everyone, I was just been given an army type knife and just this moment removed enough rust only to find the cutler you have been discussing, Joseph Eliot &sons, was looking for info on it and Sheffield history came up , not sure what the age of the knife is at a guess I would say 1940,ISH.but would like some opinions on that please. Thank you.
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    Good evening Syrup, Thank you so much for posting the press cutting naming Pc Lewis - fantastic stuff! This is the sort of stuff that helps to bring these old photographs to life and remind us that these were real people living their lives in an age when life was harder than many of us will ever experience. Steve
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    I've seen a photo of some flats & shops on Duke Street that I never knew existed having lived in Sheffield all my life (1963) .Does anyone know when these buildings were erected and demolished?
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    Embassy Court flats, built in the mid 1930's. http://www.picturesheffield.com/;s26150
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    I remember the dancer he was called Mighty Melvin
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