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    Fitzalan Square this morning. Nice section exposed.
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    Fitzalan Square exposed Jun 2019
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    This picture is of my father, Cyril Russell (later an arts and crafts teacher at Myers Grove), and his youngest sister, my aunt Alice Russell (later Linley), probably around 1946 when my father was on leave from the army. I have assumed it is at Forge Dam, though in those days municipal rowing lakes were a plenty. He'd have been about 25 at the time and had survived North Africa and the Italian landings. He went back to Italy and Yugoslavia and spent the next three years taking up mine fields in his role as a Royal Engineers Sapper.
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    If you are looking for an event to visit this JULY, there is :- GLOSSOP CARNIVAL in Manor Park, SAT 6th & SUN 7th, with allsorts of attractions including, Live Music, Displays, Fun Fair, Mini Train Ride, Classic Cars, Tea Tent, Bar, Stalls. STANNINGTON CARNIVAL Pavillion Field, SAT 13th, Lots of Assorted Stalls to Browse, Live Entertainment, Arena Displays, Assorted Refreshments. https://www.eventyas.com/GB/Sheffield/Stannington-Carnival-2019
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    The small bit exposed the other day at Exchange/Blonk now more exposed.
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    That's a great film and as I live in Kelham Island especially fascinating. About the building on the corner of Green Lane and Dunfields... the original plan was to restore it but the developers decided it was in too poor condition. However, they've since taken it down and rebuilt it entirely and if you see it now it looks almost exactly as it did before. Behind the old bricks it's a concrete structure but you wouldn't know. They've done a great job.
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