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  2. eldomsmith

    The Wedding Cake - Registry Office

    In the grounds, there was the top of an old well as seen here from Picture Sheffield. Does anyone know if this has been covered? I don't recall seeing it since the re-development
  3. Voldy

    Tinsley Cooling towers

    The view from Jenkin Road in 1962.
  4. SteveHB

    Sheffield Coal Mines

    Pubs A-Z
  5. shizzle

    Sheffield Coal Mines

    Came across this little gem today. Little Matlock, Loxley.
  6. Edmund

    Fitzalan Square

    The Fitzalan Square toilets were upgraded in 1901 but it was realised they were inadequate and for the next six years the council hummed and harr'd about where to build more town centre toilets. In July 1908 the invitation to tender was issued for "UNDERGROUND LAVATORIES and an UNDERGROUND TRAMWAY OFFICE, and the FORMATION OF A BALUSTRADED TERRACE IN FITZALAN SQUARE"
  7. The buildings also shown on the plan were also built by the Salvation Army . The building on the extreme left is the Yorkshireman public house.
  8. Great aerial shots! The architect certainly went to town with the design of the roof on the Pinstone Street building, dormers, turrets and chimneys, a bit of a challenge for the plumber installing the lead work to weather seal the different roofing shapes.
  9. RLongden

    The Mill, Woodhouse

    Hi Neil, I think you are almost certainly correct with your reading of ‘ironworker’ and the marriage certificate appears to show their residence as ‘The Fence’. They would have possibly lived in one of the terraced cottages on Sheffield Road, Fence, (circled) known locally as ‘Fence Hill’ and stretches between the end of Falconer Lane and Swallownest. I would also hazard a guess that Joseph worked at the Rotherwood Iron and Steelworks (also circled) - previously Rothervale Joinery, Carr’s and now Jeld-Wen. There has been a forge, foundry and Iron/Steelworks on that site for many years and old maps show they were on the banks of the River Rother, before they culverted it and changed it’s course to straighten it and control flooding. The occupation ‘ironworker’ could have meant that Joseph could have worked at either the Iron and Steelworks, producing the raw material, or possibly at the Forge, fabricating the metal into agricultural tools, which they were renowned for on that site.
  10. The building was completed in 1894 and alterations made in 1950. The building is grade 2 listed.
  11. Hi I'm researching my family history and I have found a Yorkshire Marriage record that details the marriage, on 4th June 1892, of a Joseph BELL and Annie Elizabeth GREENSILL. They married at the Church of St James, Woodhouse, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. Joseph was recorded as an 'Innworker' and both Joseph and Annie were residing at (and I quote) 'The Mill Woodhouse'. Will you please put me out of my misery and let me know if there is/was a 'Mill' public house at Woodhouse or should I read this as the place 'Woodhouse Mill'. Your help is much appreciated. Neil [EDIT] The more I look at this the more I think that Joseph was an 'Ironworker' rather than an 'Innworker'. That said, the entry 'The Mill Woodhouse' would tend to imply 'Woodhouse Mill'. I think I've answered my own question .... N
  12. SteveHB

    Fitzalan Square

    Fitzalan Square was reconstructed around 1909, maybe that is when the toilets were built? https://www.picturesheffield.com/ s16059
  13. The building attached to the Citadel and going around the corner into Pinstone Street and containing some shops and offices, was also part of the Salvation Army construction. (wonder if the Sally Army still own this block) Construction of the Citadel started around 1892! This dates the Picture Sheffield photograph to "c.1891"
  14. Georgiana Sanderson died at 29 Christ Church Road, Doncaster, on 29th December 1936. A spinster, she left a tidy sum (for the time) of £8648 12s 9d to a number of relatives, many of whom lived in or around Sheffield. Her will was dated 5th January 1935 and proved at the Principal Registry, London, on 5th January 1937. Georgiana was born on 7th November 1851 so she lived to be a good age. She was the youngest child born to George Sanderson and Mary Mirfin, also of Doncaster[1]. It was a brother of Georgiana’s, William Sanderson, that came to Sheffield and settled there. Those local beneficiaries are as follows: Name Relation Address given Edith Hobson (wife of Edward Hobson) niece 171 Shirecliffe Lane, Pitsmoor[2] £700 plus £20 to act as an executor Annie Petre Peter[3] (£700) niece Park View Terrace, Beighton William Sanderson nephew 22 Snigg Hill Albert Sanderson nephew Glenalmond Road, Ecclesall H Sanderson[4] nephew 141 Chippinghouse Road, Abbeydale Harry Sanderson nephew 150 Freedom Road, Walkley Annie Eliza Axe niece 53 Havelock Square John Arthur Sanderson nephew Dunella Road, Wadsley Lucy Sanderson niece 20 Dunella Road, Wadsley Robert Sanderson nephew 43 Fentonville Street, Sharrow Does anyone have any details that might add some colour to these names? [1] This particular Sanderson branch can be traced to Stainton near Tickhill. A distant relative of Georgiana’s was Richard Sanderson, M.P. for Colchester in the nineteenth century. Those interested in the Sanderson family with its links to the Quaker movement, London finance and more are welcome to read my article, The Family Connections of Richard Sanderson M.P. (1783-1857), on Issuu. There is no cost. https://issuu.com/richardaxeuk/docs/the_family_connections_of_richard_sanderson_m.p.__ [2] Written as number 11 in the will but 171 in the probate grant. [3] Name and address as written in the will….as yet unidentified. The Beighton link might be due to George and Mary’s marriage, which took place there in 1830. [4] This was George Herbert Sanderson who died in January 1934
  15. Sheffield History

    Fitzalan Square

    yeah - definitely Thank you!
  16. Sheffield History

    Fitzalan Square

    Makes sense - thank you for the pic/info!
  17. Sheffield History

    Help needed identifying this old Sheffield location

    Wow - good eyesight Richard!!
  18. Sadbrewer

    Parachute death, 1902.

    A fuller account....from the Australian newspaper archives.
  19. neddy

    Parachute death, 1902.

    I have read about this before, she was parachuting over the Wednesday ground.
  20. Gamal

    Old Pitsmoor

  21. Just noticed this in The Halifax Guardian, May 24th, 1902.
  22. In which case the top poster could be for Bronco Billy as that was released after The Shining. I suspect a request was made to put the lights on in the arcade to give a bit more illumination for the film.
  23. tozzin

    Charlie Peace

    This drawing shows just where Mr & Mrs Dyson lived at Banner Cross, the Estate Agents now occupies the building, where the Crystal Barbers now sits was the gennel up which Charlie Peace escaped, if you look close the barbers has different building features to the rest of Banner Cross Terrace, it looks as though it was just wedged in. The row of terraced houses, now long gone were on Harrington Road that ran along the back of the Earl of Arundel pub on Shoreham Street, it was a terraced house like one of these that Mrs Dyson was living in at the time of Peace`s trial.
  24. tozzin

    Fitzalan Square

    The toilet in the photo was the ladies, the men`s was on the opposite side facing Marple's, they both had separate exits and entrances, the photo shows the men`s entrance and exit on the right and left of the foreground.
  25. Sheffield History


    The band shown in the film playing in The Limit Club were Richard and the Taxmen who are classed as a Doncaster band on Musicbrainz (if this is incorrect can someone let us know below please?)
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