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  2. I just realised that we have another topic with exactly the same title (Brightmore Street), though it started with a different question. https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/14247-brightmore-st/?tab=comments#comment-121059
  3. https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/4008-os-maps-of-sheffield-and-district-1950s-over-300-of-them/?do=findComment&comment=22435
  4. "Housing awaiting demolition on Walker Street" (1937). http://www.picturesheffield.com/s20263 Map, circa 1903.
  5. Excellent photo. And because I can never resist it, here's what The Scottish Map (my nickname for it) says was there circa 1900 (Walker Street running down the side of Wicker Arches in case orientation of both images isn't immediately obvious (it got me initially))
  6. This has just appeared of Sheffield Forum:
  7. Hi John I have found this article that may help your quest a little. Sheffield Daily Telegraph 12 April 1883
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  9. I recall seeing vacant plots of land in the 1950 maps just back of the Wicker and I assumed they might have been destroyed buildings from the blitz. But while looking on the Britain from Above website I came across a 1937 aerial picture showing the same bits of land with no buildings on them! So they could not have been destroyed by bombs!! This is a great photo anyway because it shows a huge amount of trams congregating on the Wicker itself!
  10. Brightmore Street would now be under those flats. If you go to this link and use the slider bottom left you can bring up a modern map over an old one. https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=18&lat=53.3831&lon=-1.4847&layers=6&b=1
  11. Whilst on the subject of maps, don't know the year,
  12. do you mean brightmore drive-the tall flats were i lived are there.
  13. Last week
  14. Reply received. Not good news! As anyone on this site is aware nearly all the 1954 maps are available here. The 1970 map is just too late, as I am interested in the changes to the railway system, by that point Sheffield Victoria had closed and MASSIVE changes would have occurred to the railway infrastructure by that year. Also it falls into the copyright thing which limits what you can do. Following the lack of information map wise for the area between the Nunnery junction (where the line from the Midland joins the Victoria line) to the end of Woodbourne Road bridge, I had a look around for aerial photo's of the area. But again they are absent. Even on the Britain From Above website, even the earlier photos cut off just past the Junction. They then pick up the tracks after the triangle junction of Woodbourne. Since the plane was taking pictures of Nunnery Colliery. There are some photo's of the Nunnery Carriage Sidings on Picture Sheffield and one of Woodbourne Road bridge which appears to show some kind of Water Tower, but is not complete to make out the full structure. There's a good one on Flicker too taken from the bridge looking up the line to Sheffield, which again shows a tower, but again lacking enough detail. All the Nunnery Sidings ones on Picture Sheffield again don't show the full scope of the site. I find it really odd that there are more pictures of Sheffield Railways from before 1955 then there are then the later periods. Especially the aerial pictures. Which is really odd when you think about since there were more planes and even helicopters in the 60's and 70's then there was before. Perhaps they are waiting in vaults somewhere for the copyrights to run out for someone to upload them?
  15. Ronnie Starling captained Wednesday at the 1935 FA Cup Final. From Wikipedia:
  16. Hello Adrian , this one is by Atkinson Bros but looks like it may be the same pattern and said to be a scarce pattern British WW2 two blade Army clasp knife that were produced by several manufacturers in small numbers during WW2. Full description here ------ https://www.fieldserviceantiquearms.co.uk/british-ww2-army-2-blade-clasp-knife--refd1865-2164-p.asp
  17. Hi everyone, I was just been given an army type knife and just this moment removed enough rust only to find the cutler you have been discussing, Joseph Eliot &sons, was looking for info on it and Sheffield history came up , not sure what the age of the knife is at a guess I would say 1940,ISH.but would like some opinions on that please. Thank you.
  18. Could it be Sheffield Tramways Company , Under the legislation at that time, local authorities were precluded from operating tramways but were empowered to construct them and lease the lines to an individual operating company. Tracks were constructed by contractors and leased to the Sheffield Tramways Company, which operated the services. The first horse tram routes, to Attercliffe and Carbrook, Brightside, Heeley, Nether Edge and Owlerton opened between 1873 and 1877 and the Corporation (City Council) took over the tramway system in July 1896 and quickly went for electrification.
  19. I am trying to solve/research the history of a trophy “Presented by the Workmen & Friends of STC to J Lyon April 10th 1883”. J Lyon would be Joseph Lyon(s) originally from Waddington in Lincolnshire. Married to Emma (nee Staples) also from Lincolnshire. The trophy has been passed down the family through generations however, the story behind what it was presented for has long been lost/forgotten. On the1881 census Joseph’s occupation is recorded as Stable Labourer. He and his family are living at 19 Mill Lane, Attercliffe Cum Darnell , Sheffield. Joseph died (unknown) just 3 years later in 1886. Working on the assumption that The STC were probably Joseph’s employer. Can anyone please share any information in identifying who/what the STC were? If there are any surviving employee records? Any information greatly appreciated John O.
  20. Opposite the cinema by Leppings lane was a newsagent run by Ron Starling who was an ex professional footballer.
  21. well, this post is from a long time ago, but my dad worked out of A. V. Massey's shop in the 1970s, perhaps into the 80s as well. Thought I had a photo but can't find it.
  22. I feel like i'm fixin to die, --probably were if you were in the queue for the bar. https://www.songfacts.com/facts/country-joe-the-fish/i-feel-like-im-fixin-to-die-rag
  23. 1911 census, 31 Morley Street, Hillsbro, Sheffield. Walter Lewis, 36yrs (1875), Police Constable, born Conisbro, Yks. Nellie, Lewis, wife, 32yrs, children Harry 7, Edith Nellie 5, and mother Mary Jane Lewis, widow, 66yrs, born Conisbro, Yks. In 1901 Walter is at home with his mother and brother at 23 Langsett Road, Flora Street, Sheffield. In 1911 there is also another police constable called Rowland Louis at 149 Fox Street, Sheffield. He is with his wife and child. In 1901 he is at 15 Houghton Street, Sheffield.
  24. Sorry Voldy just seen your comment, RichardB purchased the OS maps as a batch from an ebay seller, I do not know any other source where individual maps could be bought.
  25. I have e-mailed Local Studies for the 60's maps. They sent me a message back saying they will give me more information next week. I will let you know what happens. I identified the areas I need on four sheets. SK3787NE, SK3787NW, SK3687NE, and SK3687NW.
  26. That brings back memories hilldweller , there were stone ones, brick ones and wooden ones but I can't remember another galvanised metal one. I thought of starting a "Milk Churn Stands" topic but the only ones I may remember would now be under new developments. If anyone knows of any more that still exist this one would be a good start for that topic.
  27. Good evening Syrup, Thank you so much for posting the press cutting naming Pc Lewis - fantastic stuff! This is the sort of stuff that helps to bring these old photographs to life and remind us that these were real people living their lives in an age when life was harder than many of us will ever experience. Steve
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