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  2. Hi unrecordings, it is trees. There is clump in the Top Park, behind the old farm, and some huge ones at the top of the lane going down to the Forge, as well as some on the edge on the way down.
  3. Hi Heartshome. Thank you for your response. Fred and Sheila had the shop late 60s early 70s if my memory serves me correctly. It was a traditional off licence. I knew them cos they used to socialise a lot with friends we had that ran another corner shop in the area. It was called Husseys and was on the corner of Welby Place and CliffeField Rd. It was run by Mary Robinson and had been her mother’s shop, I believe. Now that was a classic corner shop where they just sat in the parlour till the door bell rang and after a certain time they just knocked on the back door if they wanted anything. Literally Open all Hours.
  4. Hi Jackanne, You must have been about the same age as my late brother - John Worrall (1945-2004) and his best friend Pete Cousin. John went onto City Grammar School and Pete also went to Hurlfirld. Pete still lives in the Base Green area. Cheers, Paul 'Wazzie ' Worrall
  5. An updated list of Surviving vehicles acquired new / second hand or loaned to SYPTE. Surviving South Yorkshire PTE motorbuses Single-deckers 80 KCR 108P Leyland National 10351/2R / Leyland (ex Portsmouth) 79 KSO 74P Leyland National 10351/2R / Leyland (ex Grampian) 11 AAK 111T Leyland National 10351B/1R / Leyland 1075 FWA 475V Leyland National NL106L11/1R / Leyland 22 KWA 22W Leyland National NL116L11/1R / Leyland 76 B976 DWG Dennis Dorchester / Plaxton (B674 GWJ) 41 C41 HDT Dennis Domino / Optare 53 C53 HDT Dennis Domino / Optare Single-deckers hired during 1981 crisis 1972 GAT 180D Leyland Panther PSUR1/1 / Roe (hired from Kingston upon Hull CT 3-4/81) Single-deckers hired for trials and evaluation 1004 GNC 276N Seddon-Lucas / Pennine (hired from GMPTE) Bendi-buses 2006 CRM 927T Leyland-DAB / Leyland 2009 FHE 292V Leyland-DAB / Leyland 2010 FWA 450V Leyland-DAB / Leyland 2013 C113 HDT Leyland-DAB /Leyland-DAB Double-deckers 377 LWB 377P Ailsa B55-10 / Van-Hool McArdle 388 LWB 388P Ailsa B55-10 / Van-Hool McArdle 1647 XWG 647T Leyland Atlantean AN68A/1R / Roe 1655 XWG 655T Leyland Atlantean AN68A/1R / Roe 1696 CWG 696V Leyland Atlantean AN68A/1R / Alexander 1707 CWG 707V Leyland Atlantean AN68A/1R / Alexander 1756 CWG 756V Leyland Atlantean AN68A/1R / Roe 1861 JHE 161W Metrobus DR104 / MCW 1781 JKW 281W Leyland Atlantean AN68B/1R / Alexander 1790 JKW 290W Leyland Atlantean AN68B/1R / Alexander 1831 JKW 331W Leyland Atlantean AN68B/1R / Marshall 2120 KKU 120W Dennis Dominator / Alexander 2214 NKU 214X Dennis Dominator / Alexander 2260 SDT 260Y Dennis Dominator / Alexander 2298 A298 XAK Dennis Dominator / Alexander 2317 A317 XAK Dennis Dominator / Northern Counties 1918 A118 XWE Metrobus DR104 / MCW 2414 A414 YAK Dennis Dominator / Alexander 2361 B361 CDT Dennis Domiator / East Lancs 2450 C45 HDT Dennis Dominator / Alexander –hybrid trolleybus 2457 C877 JWE Dennis Dominator / Alexander 2462 C882 JWE Dennis Dominator / Alexander 2479 D479 OWE Dennis Dominator / Alexander 2489 D489 OWE Dennis Dominator / Alexander Double-deckers hired during 1981 crisis 1964 PBC 98G Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1 / ECW (hired from Leicester CT 3-6/81) 1938 WHN 411G Bristol VRTSL6G / ECW (hired from Lincolnshire RCC 4/81) Double-deckers hired for trials and evaluation 500 TOJ 592S Metrobus DR101/2 / MCW (hired from MCW – famous five) 530 NHG 732P Leyland Titan B15 / Park Royal (hired from Leyland – famous five) Surviving SYPTE Support vehicles M51 DSA 987 AEC Matador Recovery (previously Salford City Transport)
  6. Hi Paul. Asked my friends who live just up the road, they haven't heard their name mentioned, sorry! There is an elder gentleman age 89 who lives on Norton Lees Rd that my friends know, his Grandfather used to run the shop, early 20th c, he might know of them, my friends will ask for you. He has been talking to the film crew, as have my friends, and I was up this weekend, and got chance for a chat and look at the shop now it is dressed Victorian, brilliant work! got a few pics. They are filming over the next 2 weeks, as they alter the shop through time. It will be most interesting for everyone who knows that shop, to see how they depict it altering over the years, compared to what it actually was like. Don't know when it will be shown, but it's a must to watch.
  7. With the South Yorkshire Transport Trust 2019 Open Day a few days away I been updating my lists of Surviving SYPTE and Constituents buses. Below is my listing of SJOC/STD vehicles along with those of the absorbed independents that ran into Sheffield. Surviving Sheffield (SJOC/STD) motorbuses Single-deckers 216 JWB 416 Leyland PS1 / Weymann 54 DWB 54H AEC Swift / Park Royal Double-deckers 116 OWE 116 AEC Regent III / Roe 687 RWB 87 Leyland PD2/12 / Weymann 525 1925 WA AEC Bridgemaster / Park Royal 1156 3156 WE Leyland PD2/30 / Roe (3156) 904 3904 WE Leyland PD3/1 / Roe (used as DIV) (D14) 1330 6330 WJ AEC Regent V / Roe 874 7874 WJ AEC Regent V / Alexander 1357 657 BWB Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 / Park Royal (used as DIV) (227 – M120) 1148 DWB 148H Leyland Atlantean PDR2/1 / Park Royal converted to roadshow bus (748) 257 NWA 257K Daimler Fleetline /Alexander 271 OWE 271K Bristol VRT / East Lancs 287 SWB 287L Leyland Atlantean / Alexander 293 UWA 293L Leyland Atlantean / Alexander 296 UWA 296L Leyland Atlantean / Alexander 312 UWA 312L Leyland Atlantean / East Lancs 754 WWJ 754M Daimler Fleetline / Park Royal Ordered by STD delivered to SYPTE 836 GNA 836N Daimler Fleetline / ECW 1515 OKW 515R Daimler Fleetline / MCW (DMS style) – were to have been Alexander 1534 PWE 534R Daimler Fleetline / Alexander Double-deckers cut down 3108 CWJ 410 AEC Regent / Weymann converted to tower wagon (TW58) 4624 GWJ 724 AEC Regent / Sheffield converted to gritting/towing wagon (G54) 255 KWE 255 AEC Regent III / Roe converted to gritting/towing wagon (G55) 913 3913 WE Leyland PD3/1 / Roe converted to gritting/towing wagon (M10) (OWJ 357A) 475 4475 WE Leyland PD3/1 / Roe converted to gritting/towing wagon (M52) (OWJ 388A) Double-deckers re-bodied after disposal 287 CWB 987 Leyland TD4C / Cravens ( re-bodied c1952 by Crossville with ex Salford Metro-Cammell body) Surviving Sheffield (SJOC/STD) support vehicles T47 KWJ 681 Fordson TN Tractor L42 RWE 101 Leyland Comet Lorry Surviving Booth & Fisher Motor Services motorbuses Single-deckers ---- TUH 14 Albion Nimbus NS3N / Harrington (ex Western Welsh) ---- WRA 12 AEC Monocoach / Park Royal 1086 334 NKT AEC Reliance 2MU3RV / Weymann (ex Maidstone & District) 1088 340 NKT AEC Reliance 2MU3RV / Weymann (ex Maidstone & District) Surviving Dearneways motorbuses Single-deckers 1092 AWJ 292T Leyland Leopard PSU3E/4R / Plaxton C51F (368 SHX)
  8. Quick reminder that the annual Open Day of the South Yorkshire Transport Trust is the coming Sunday 21st July 2019. Further details at http://www.sytt.org.uk/summer-open-day
  9. Last week
  10. I left in 58 and went on to Hurlfield,i lived on Seagrave crescent a few houses below Bob Nutton.
  11. I agree with History dude , if it was Sheffield I am sure someone on here would have recognised it by now. Below is a link to a site with some information about Alfred Seaman, his family and shops/studios. It won't be easy to track that photograph down though there may be clues in the places they worked. http://freepages.rootsweb.com/~brett/genealogy/photos/aseaman.html
  12. Looks like you have everyone stumped. It doesn't look like any street in Sheffield to me. The two church buildings seem wrong for Sheffield.
  13. Hi Bob, I forgot about the bell ringing, thinking about it I remember the bell with its shiney wooden handle, they are often for sale in antique/junk shops. I also went home for lunch so I very rarely sampled the delights of the containerised food. However I do remember times when we were given left over custard. Going home for lunch is a piece of social history which has all but disappeared, at Gleadless PS we got in the region of one and half hours for lunch, ample time to get home and back again. The down side of the arrangement was that the juniors didn't finish until four o'clock in the afternoon, these days schools have a shorter lunch break and finish around 3-3:15. I've also a memory of a schools science radio programme when we were in Mr Dyson's class, the only topic I can remember was something about earth worms. We've still not any interest for any other ex-students, where are they all? Where is Bob Pratt or Mick Hartley? Cheers, Wazzie.
  14. Feel free to use it. Will you let me know when your book will be on sale?
  15. That photo is definitely Danville Street as the little street going off to the right is Letwell Place and the building on the corner of it (with big windows) was Gunby's store. My grandma lived -till 1970 -on the street below Letwell Place, Cantley Place. Not all the houses on Danville Street were demolished in the mid , those that were were near the bottom numbers 8 to 28 and the courts behind them. The rest that went to the top past Sun Street (Burngreave school), survived till between 1967-70. (Sorry I'm a bit late with the reply as I only just found the post. The court houses that were at the back of 58 Danville Street were Court No 12 (no's 1 to 6.).
  16. HI Tozzin- would I be able to use your picture of the Queens in my pub book?
  17. Name listed in Kelly's directory, published 1957. "Bennett & Heron Ltd. cutlery mfrs. 58 Broad Lane & 104 Mary Street."
  18. Hello, looking for something interesting on line I noticed the 5 inch sauce ladle spoon in the photo below. The maker’s marks “Bennett & Heron” were not known to me but looked informative enough to maybe get a bit more history on. Obviously messes “Bennett & Heron” had put their names on an electroplated spoon that they wanted to tell customers was of “A1” quality. I had a quick search on “silvercollection.it”, an excellent reference site of history for electroplating companies. The reference there suggested “Bennett & Heron Ltd” of Sheffield could be retailers. I had a further search to see if I could find a little extra on the company. Perhaps the extract from the London Gazzette I found, is a starting point. It states up to 1927 they were a company of “Cutlers & Silvermiths”. This is possibly confirmed by the “Sheffield Indexers” entry shown below. HERON, Thomas (~, Cutlery Manufacturer (Bennett & Heron)). Address: 50 Holly Street, ~ in 1925. Recorded in: Sheffield & Rotherham Kelly?s Directory. Who was the silversmith then? I could not find a likely associated silver mark on line and I could not find a reference in the “Indexers” for “Jack Bennett”. I did wonder if the below, 1905, near contemporary “Bennett” reference could have been involved in the company. Bennett, William (, silversmith). Address: 32 Yadley Street, in 1905. Recorded in: White's Directory of Sheffield and Rotherham. We now need more information about “Bennett & Heron Ltd”. When did the firm start in business. Did it change after April 1927? Did they actually develop as retailers and not makers. Has anyone on the forum got any more “stuff” to add for a real history for “Bennett & Heron Ltd”? I found some more photos of “Bennett & Heron” spoons on line but below is something a little different. Kalfred
  19. Not the same statue Old rider, this is the "Crimea Monument" that was removed from Moorhead and re-erected in the Botanical Gardens at a later date https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/16504-the-crimea-monument/ Also .. https://public-art.shu.ac.uk/sheffield/lan49im.html Edit: Here is the one that stands in Endcliffe Park, https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/571-the-unveiling-of-the-victoria-statue/
  20. Is that the statue that was moved to Endcliffe Park where the statue was placed on its base without the column? A friend of my father's told me his company had done the removal.
  21. Hi Folks, New podcast up. The first time I saw Cabaret Voltaire live. First on at a free gig at The Limit in August 1978. Link to listen - http://smarturl.it/MyLifeInTheMosh Thanks Rog
  22. I recently bought this stereoview on eBay. From the style and negative number I believe it is by the Chesterfield based photographer Alfred Seaman who moved to live in Sheffield in his later years. He and his sons also had studios in Sheffield. He was active circa 1880 - 1908. The photo has no title and I wondered if it might be of Sheffield. There are some distinctive buildings in view. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
  23. Here's a few post cards, the one of the Town Hall looks very different on a winters day. The message Is on the back of the Town Hall card.
  24. I did wonder if it was this building, you can see it closer up in the previous images. My memory of the area is very poor, is that building Brook House? Good find unrecordings and Edmund it is great to find connections to names on these old postcards. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/R-L-Postcard-Fulwood-and-Forge-Dam-Sheffield-landscape/142778535115?hash=item213e438ccb:g:IWEAAOSw46ha3w1t
  25. Hi Paul, Yes indeed, I was a milk monitor at times. Also remember taking turns to ring the hand bell at break times, walking up and down the corridor on the first floor. I do remember the BBC schools radio programmes, and having to dance to the music in the hall, pretending to be trees and other exciting stuff. I think myself and Robert Pratt had bit parts in a school play - robbers 1 & 2 !I also remember the school meals vans arriving and unloading large vats of hot food which had strange smells - so glad I went home for lunch! Cheers , Bob
  26. May (unknown surname) and (Agnes) Mary Samways had probably both been servants for James Smith Beckett, chairman of Alfred Beckett and Sons Ltd , steel manufacturers, who lived at East Broom, Broomgrove Road.
  27. I also found this curious website (clue - look for the recipient) http://www.theheritagemine.com/itemslist_S.htm
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