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Unidentified Foreign Objects

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That's Homan and Company of Cincinnati and Chicago 1847 - 1941. The word Sheffield was used on a lot of USA plated ware  (Sheffield Design Made In USA) but according to the site linked to below they were one of the first to stop using it.

It's hard to tell what size the object is but it looks like a crumb tray so presumably would have originally come with a crumber or brush.

"The Seventeenth Annual A.N.R.J.A. Gathering Held at Cincinnati Aug, 29-Sept. 1, 1922

The Homan Mfg. Co., Cincinnati, featured Homan Plate in hollow ware. One of the first to abandon the use of "Sheffield" on their nickel plated ware, they have already made the Homan Plate stand for quality. The most favorable attention was given by all to the new line of electric candle sticks which they have recently placed on the market. Eighteen styles of these were shown. A large line of hollow ware was exhibited and much favorable comment was made for the table mats which they manufacture to match in design the baskets and bowls.
Source: The Jewelers' Circular - 6th September 1922"



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