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  2. Sheffield History

    Pinstone Street and Sheffield Town Hall 1902

    Pinstone Street bus stop and shelters Anyone remember it like this?

    The Fiesta nightclub Sheffield

    Hardly surprising missed one more act we saw at the Fiesta, after all week after week the acts were changed so you knew who was coming up. So missed: * The Tremeloes Thinking back all those years we were really blessed the Fiesta being so close to Clay Cross with the quality of the entertainment totally exceptional . All memorable all different but for us the 3 standouts had to be Roy Orbison, The Four Tops, and Gladys Knight & The Pips. Now at the bottom of the spectrum for us the most disappointing was Gene Pitney but there again it is all relative and taste. Brenda Lee would be a close second.
  4. Sheffield History

    Pinstone Street and Sheffield Town Hall 1902

    A much later photo of Pinstone Street showing the bus shelters

    The Fiesta nightclub Sheffield

    A great list of acts but a few misssed . We also were fortunate to be entertained by: * Hernans Hermits * The Hollies * Charles Aznavour * The Batchelors * Freddie & The Dreamers * The Four Seasons ( twice) * Dave Allen * Kenny Rodgers & The First Edition * Roy Orbison * Lovelace Watkins
  6. Megan567

    Sheffield - A City In Lockdown

    Hi! I’m new to this website so I apologise if I’m using it incorrectly but I’ve got a question and really hoping I’ll find an answer! But when I was younger around early 00’s there was always a club that would fascinate me on west street and whenever driving past I would always say to my dad “I’ll go there when I’m older” unfortunately it changed to west street live before I turned 18. All I can remember is it was yellow on the outside and had disco coloured lights, could anyone please tell me the name of the club or even better any photos? It’s been one of those questions ive never had an answer to for many years ☺️ Thank you.
  7. Sheffield History

    The Lyceum Theatre

    £3.50 to see Yazoo at The Lyceum? Yes please! (not so fussed about Wishbone Ash or Squeeze tho)
  8. LeadFarmer

    Photo of old Norton?

    Great photos thanks. Now trying to place the stone cottages that still stand, with the above photos...
  9. RLongden

    Photo of old Norton?

    original photo with answer in the caption: https://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s18424&pos=49&action=zoom&id=21002 looking from the opposite direction: https://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s18414&pos=48&action=zoom&id=20993 Cross Scythes now in shot on the left: https://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s14868&pos=47&action=zoom&id=17666 Cross Scythes now centre of shot, with original view up the lane, behind the gas lamp: https://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s14867&pos=46&action=zoom&id=17665
  10. tozzin

    THE LYCEUM HOTEL, Pond Hill, Sheffield

    Joseph Rodgers cutlery firm was at the side of it.
  11. LeadFarmer

    Photo of old Norton?

    Thats brilliant, thanks Edmund. I understand the word 'Lee' comes from the word 'Leah' meaning a clearing or meadow.
  12. A thread about the LYCEUM THEATRE on Pond Hill in Sheffield City Centre. I don't know too much/anything about this pub so need your help. What was it like? What used to be on either side of it? Looks like it was demolished to make way for the new general post office building?
  13. Sheffield History

    The Lyceum Theatre

    The Lyceum Theatre Sheffield in 1968 How things have changed eh! And parking on this road was fine too. Amazing!
  14. tozzin

    Sidney Street

    This is the Albert Works 77 Sidney Street.
  15. Stringy72

    Dorset Street & Gloucester Street Area

    Here's a good image of where all the Hallamshire Hospital and Tree Root Walk areas is, again from 1950. .
  16. Sheffield History

    The Woodseats Hotel Pub, Chesterfield Road

    It's shown in this video walk through Woodseats during Lockdown 2020
  17. Sheffield History

    Holmhirst Road, Then and Now From an Ebay Postcard.

    Holmhirst Road seen in this walk through Woodseats during Lockdown 2020
  18. The site of Woodseats Palace is seen in this walk down Chesterfield Road in Woodseats
  19. Sheffield History

    Abbey Pub, Woodseats

    Here's how it looked during Lockdown 2020
  20. Sheffield History

    Woodseats Palace

    The site of Woodseats Palace is seen in this video walk through Woodseats
  21. Jim2000

    Cremorne, Origin Of The Name ?

    Advert from 21 May 1863 - the Cremorne Gardens, in full swing. Complete with a boneless gorilla! Spare a thought for poor Madame Geneive (real name Selina Powell, the ‘Female Blondin’). Elevated SIXTY FEET on a High Rope, blindfolded, in a sack, her feet in baskets, surrounded by fireworks, not to mention five months pregnant and compelled to work to financially support seven children, her husband and her mother! Two months later she was dead - you guessed it - due to a fall from the high wire at Aston Park. And I thought my life was hard!
  22. CLUB UROPA NIGHTCLUB IN SHEFFIELD CITY CENTRE Not sure I ever went in here when it was open so going to need some help from you nightclubbers out there in Sheffield! Club Uropa was situated in the old Isabellas Nightclub location on Eyre Street, just round the corner from PLUG nightclub and live music venue. Did you used to go to Uropa Nightclub? Let us know your memories below and any photos would be really welcome too!
  23. Sheffield History

    Tinsley Cooling towers

  24. Jim2000

    Sidney Street

    Forgot to add, while Agnes Henderson (nee Hengler) was lodging on Sidney Street in 1861, her equestrian brother John Michael Hengler is lodging at 99 Duke Street, alongside John Henry Cooke (1836-1917), who would be billed as ‘the Champion Equestrian of the Universe’, born in New York.
  25. I could never understand, in fact I still don’t, as to why the council allowed the destruction of all the old Victorian shops on Pinstone Street including the Cambridge Arcade, then add insult to injury allow the horrible buildings that were put up in their place. Thanks to picture Sheffield.
  26. I quite frequently used my travel pass ( when rail was included) and go up to Leeds....a City which I disliked purely on a "tribal" basis! I was always impressed by their shopping areas and the range of outlets, interesting snickets and the general ambience of the place. I remember the days when our City proudly proclaimed its merits as a shopping and entertainments centre. Apart from de-industrialisation ( which Leeds also suffered) what went wrong?
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