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  2. Hi There are very few people in Sheffield with the surname Drayton and most of them are part of my family. I wonder if there are any others who I haven’t met yet, who’s family included a number of John’s and William’s. Thanks
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  4. Has anyone else had research problems, due to Roads, Lanes or Buildings having 'Name Changes'. I was three weeks trying to find somewhere, I roughly knew where it was, but all my research hit a dead end. That is until a chance 'Picture' on a web site that had nothing to do with what I was searching for, showed the building, and the writeup on the site happened to include saying the name of what it was previously known as. If it wasn't for that bit of luck, I would probably still be looking. I also found looking for the name of a Farm which I knew existed on a 'Lane', that the Lane name had been changed to a 'Road' bearing no named resemblance at all.
  5. Thank you for this photo Edmund and an extremely belated thanks to Trefcon for posting 2 photos soon after my request. I was helping my cousin research her family tree at the time. Unfortunately she has since passed away but, if you want to contact me Emilia, I'd be happy to share what I know. Samuel Taaffe was her grandfather's brother. Regards, Lorna
  6. Old postcard of Moor View Road and a Google Street View looking the same way dated August 2008. But if you go up the road and look the other way you get October 2014, so if those dates are correct it appears that the trees were chopped down and replanted. ------------------- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/382858450190?ul_noapp=true ------------------------- https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.3414471,-1.4852026,3a,75y,90.51h,93.86t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s7JaDPC2_pgFgEtLawT68sA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en
  7. Steve that was my local growing up. We could never get served however, as I only lived over the back and they knew my dad!
  8. I lived on Meersbrook Park Road, thanks for posting these!
  9. Does anyone have any memories, or photos, of this place please? Ta!
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  11. Update to the landlords of the Bird in Hand (originally next door to the Cutlers Hall, demolished in 1832 for the west end of the new hall) from R E Leader's History of the Cutlers Company: 1736 - 1738 Matthias Hobson 1741 - 1755 William Dixon 1757-1759 John Thompson after 1761 Richard Brittlebank, then John Colquhoun 1772 - 1808 John Rose to 1817 Thomas Rose 1809 John Richards
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  13. King Edwards was always regarded as the highest grammar school in Sheffield where the boys with the best 11plus exam results were sent. High Storrs was regarded as the second best.
  14. I am trying to determine if there was anything left of the Park Goods station after 1966 to 1969. I understand that it was supposed to have closed in 1963. Due to the Tinsley marshalling yard being opened in 1965. There is a picture of it still in operation captured with a photo of the Canal Basin, but the photo implies late 60's rather than earlier. I have tried to search for large scale maps from the late 60's, but had no results. I don't know if you can buy them. The O.S. site has no indication of maps, at least down to street level size, on their website. I have seen a picture dated to 1969 of the Flying Scotsman passing through Victoria, which shows some carriages parked up on the lines to the station. So that could mean that the tracks were still there at that time.
  15. Other schools around in 1901 were: University House, 31 Havelock Street, for young working men, established 1901 The Central Secondary Schools, Leopold Street (annexed the Firth College in 1906) Sheffield Middle Class Schools, Paradise Square The Boys Blue Coat Charity School (ages 8 -14) Wesley College, Glossop Road (as Lyn noted, would be merged with the Royal Grammar School in 1905) Westbourne Preparatory School
  16. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_Edward_VII_School,_Sheffield King Edwards was previously Wesleyan college and merged with Sheffield Royal Grammar school
  17. I still can't understand the name Supertram, it's just a Tram, nothing more , nothing less.
  18. I went to Firth Park Grammar. Others were King Edward’s, City Grammar, High Storrs, De La Salle.
  19. Its 25 years ago today (21st March 1994) that the Supertram opened for passengers. The first tram from Meadowhall carried the local dignitaries, press etc, and the second one carried those daft enough to get up early to get to Meadowhall for just after 6am, I was one of those! There was such a long queue of people going through the long winded procedure of buying a ticket at one machine and validating it at another, that the tram left late but with a full load. First journeys were Meadowhall to Commercial Street and when we arrived I got cornered by a Star photographer and ended up with my photo in that nights paper. Nigel L
  20. Hi, I am researching my grandfather - George Edward Huntley - I mentioned him in another post. I know he went to university so I assume he must have gone to a good school in Sheffield at the time. I have tried searching issues of the school magazine for the Sheffield Royal Grammar School as it was back then and his name does not appear. What other schools in Sheffield were there that he may have gone to? His family were reasonably well off so I think could have afforded school fees. I'm hoping to track down which school he attended. Many thanks for any advice!!!
  21. Hi, I bought this book the other day and it is full of great photos of Sheffield from the earliest days of photography. Available in Waterstones, Fargate if anyone is interested.,
  22. That's a very interesting picture Old rider and so clear, there looks to be a Growler in that one at the side of a covered delivery/workman's cart. I think you can actually see the front window of the Growler. That picture also clearly shows the very different types of clothing worn at the time, rich man to working man including I think a smart looking tram conductor. I always look at the footwear because I was a shoe repairer before people started wearing lumps of plastic on their feet. I see you say "one of my Grandfather's glass slides", any chance you could share more with us, possibly in a whole new topic?
  23. Fascinating reading. I had read other articles about the Charfield crash but not these. My grandfather was apparently a ladies' man and I suspect that his failing to give his proper name was for such reasons. I like the fact that in the above article, he is referred to as a young man when he was 46 at the time.
  24. Hi Athy, sorry I haven't been on this site to reply to you (I lost it! lol) Vinnie does lots of the old favourite soul, Motown & Reggae songs that we know and love from the sixties onwards. He's at The Forest again this Saturday - so it'll be a late one! I've found some photos of Vinnie if you're interested, they are all mine except for the one of a younger Vinnie which he put on his facebook page..... https://www.facebook.com/vinley.gayle At the moment he's singing mainly at The Forest https://www.facebook.com/groups/22459892565/ It's always a fantastic night
  25. Gave False Name. Sheffield Independent 04 October 1930
  26. Articles of clothing worn by Mrs Clara Ann Johnson were identified by her brother, Mr George Huntley, of Louth Road, Sheffield. Sheffield Daily Telegraph 25 October 1928
  27. Fake Accident Charge Fails. Sheffield Independent 11 October 1928
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