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  2. After leaving school at 15 l worked in the tool room as apprentice diesinker & toolmaker from early1963 till about late 1966.I remember most of the men in the tool room Allen Warren (apprentice) Trevor Stone, Graham? Harry ? (Toolmaker) Tony Damms (apprentice) & and one we called Mad Mountain sorry forgot his real name.Those men & women that work in the forge making the knifes really had a hot,dirty job & were on piecework so had to work hard to earn a living,but they all seemed a good crowd
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  4. That's something I never would have though of Adrian , it certainly looks like it would do the job of stylus with a thin braille slate. I thought of a tracing stylus, if that is the correct term, for tracing patterns using carbon paper, but for both purposes it would be a bit cumbersome to use and there would only be a very small market for one on a knife. But Richards seem to have been a very forward thinking company who were always looking for new ideas / marketing techniques.
  5. Hi boginspro,about my two (pen)knives ,the one that unscrews to take a birow ink pen is the S/S one but the other faux m.o.p one doesn't unscrew but the pen end looks solid steel,Was wondering if anyone knows if it could have been used to write brail for blind people or would that be totally out of the question.?
  6. I haven't found any maps that seem to show exactly the same field boundaries or tree lines. so went for that location only because I can't see anywhere else it could be.
  7. I agree with you boginspro the photograph was taken from the lane coming down from Pedigree Woods! Looking over to the left the lane climbs up the hill past Holmhurst Farm(circled) and onward to meet up with Holmhurst Road. Camping Lane winds over to the right,climbing up the hill on its way to Abbey Lane.
  8. It's interesting that Coffee Cup also mentions getting kinkoff if you sit on cold stones. My Mum and both Grannies used to say that, I once told a pal who was a GP and he said that despite six years at medical school and years of practice he'd never heard of kinkoff! Wazzie Worrall
  9. Yes it would be interesting to know who first made one of these, of course it could have been someone different entirely, we may find out one day.
  10. Thats brilliant boginspro, so I wonder if imperial copied Richards or if it was the other way round,but all the same thankyou so much for stumbling onto this ,and solving another mystery.adrian. L
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  12. Well I did come across this advertisement today of an American knife with the description " VINTAGE IMPERIAL POCKET KNIFE WITH INK PEN & BLADE " https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/vintage-imperial-pocket-knife-ink-pen-473939320
  13. No boginspro, still can't find out what they were used as, I haven't any knives with display cards I will have a look at eBay but as you say there are scratches on this knife as if it has been used,I do have one like this and a William Rodgers one also,Good to hear from you ,Adrian
  14. Hello Adrian , did you ever find any information about the pen things ? Also have you any Richards knives with their display cards / packaging ? There is one on Ebay at the moment, only a smokers knife but starting at 40.00 because it is described as new and has it's display card. Looking closely it looks like the knife has some scratches. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323811533259?ul_noapp=true
  15. Thank you, although that sad story shows how important allotments and the pigeon lofts were to many people. So many changes to that area, I had noticed that part of Camping Lane is marked on many 20th century maps as a footpath or shown as a track. I found the maps on the link below showing the works and the allotments with the crematorium shown on the overlay. https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=17&lat=53.3444&lon=-1.4907&layers=193&b=1
  16. I left Laycocks in 1972. Camping lane originally terminated just past the camping lane works and went into a rough track serving the allotments that went up the hill, it certainly was not a made up road as shown on the side by side map . Later on the allotments were closed and a tarmac road leading to the crematorium was made. The tragedy was that one of the labourers named Edgar had a pigeon loft on his allotment. When he got notice to quit he killed all his pigeons then hung himself in his pigeon loft. Regarding the stream it was only really visible at the side of the footpath. I cannot remember any evidence of it in the Camping lane factory car park.
  17. Can you remember the contours of the land Old rider , could the woods be behind the camera? In the photo' there is a path going off at an angle up hill to the left which could possibly be the one on the map going from the stream towards Holmhirst Farm which is shown on the map linked to by SteveHB . Is the stream you mention the one that goes underground in the sports ground on the modern map? If so it very nearly lines up with the one on the old map. I could be in the wrong place altogether mind, I can't see any field boundaries on maps that seem to match the photo'.. https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=17&lat=53.3463&lon=-1.4892&layers=6&b=7 EDIT : I see that the stream goes all the way to Archer Road on the 50's map ---- https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/4008-os-maps-of-sheffield-and-district-1950s-over-300-of-them/page/11/
  18. Welsh Flag ! Anyone can make a mistake ! They will make up for it on St Andrews Day ! Can't wait to see which flag appears Eany Meany Miney Mo (Tee He He He)
  19. In case anyone has been looking for a copy - Buy It Now £30 on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/The-Fiery-Blades-of-Hallamshire-Sheffield-and-Its-Neighbourhood-1660-1740-by-D/312592089255?epid=88220902&hash=item48c7f0c0a7:g:QvwAAOSwMjtb4adO It cost £59 when new in 1992 - my copy still has the till receipt from Austicks City Bookshop in The Headrow, Leeds. Not sure why anyone in Leeds would spend £59 on it though...
  20. I used to work at Laycock Engineering Archer Road Site. They had another factory and car park on Camping Lane. I used to park my car on the camping lane car park then walk along a footpath through perigree woods that was used to connect Laycock's 2 factories. To Fraser Road side of the footpath there was a stream that went into a pipe just before it reached Archer Road.
  21. Hi AndersH, Yes, I've seen it now the covers are off. Hats off to this one! The 'new' old building looks absolutely superb! Great job, I wonder if they were told to do it, or what? I hope to see more of these rather than potentially ugly new builds.
  22. I am trying to trace my second cousin - Paul Cartwright whose last known address was Crimicar Ave where he lived with his grandmother Rose Cartwright. Rose died many years ago but I believe Paul continued to live in the family home. I also believe that in the 70's or early 80's Paul gained a social science degree from sheffield Polytechnic. Does anybody have any idea where Paul is now? Paul 'Wazzie' Worrall
  23. That's a great film and as I live in Kelham Island especially fascinating. About the building on the corner of Green Lane and Dunfields... the original plan was to restore it but the developers decided it was in too poor condition. However, they've since taken it down and rebuilt it entirely and if you see it now it looks almost exactly as it did before. Behind the old bricks it's a concrete structure but you wouldn't know. They've done a great job.
  24. This is great! Thankyou! I can see our house and a building right in garden!!
  25. This one is after the building of the New Inn but it shows the lines of the old buildings. New map with old overlay. On the NLS site you can use the slider bottom left to alter the opacity of the overlay. https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=18&lat=53.3500&lon=-1.4283&layers=168&b=1
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