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  1. Many thanks Chrubble for your reply. I clicked on the link and was amazed at the pictures. I can hardly believe there is as much as there is under the City. Thank you for the enlightenment
  2. National Geographic have published an article with reference to 11 rivers throughout the world being forced underground. 1 of which is the River Sheaf. I have attached part of the article and wondered if anyone could shed any light on the background and construction of what seems to be a vast undertaking.
  3. Wasn't there a cinema where the Mecca bingo stands at the junction of Flat street and Esperanto place. If it's the one I am thinking of I remember it as having one of the first cinemascope screens and I saw South Pacific there in the late 50's early 60's. I can't remember the name so I can't check the list.
  4. There are lots of memories about Gloops and you can see them via the following link
  5. I remember my cousin Kay Hardie was the Gloops Queen in the 1950's. We thought it was like winning the Miss World contest.
  6. Thank you so much for the information and suggestions. I had a look on Pictures Sheffield and lo and behold there he was, the man with the crockery - Mick (Potty) Edwards. It brought to life some very happy memories for me. Any other contributions will be very welcome as there seems to be a wealth of knowledge amongst the members.
  7. Can anyone help to identify this Sheffield market? I am afraid the details are sketchy but I live in hope! It is or was a city centre market my granddad took me to most Saturdays in the early 1950's. It was an open, old fashioned market with covered stalls. My granddad bought leather and rubber there to mend his shoes! I remember vividly one stall selling crockery and the man used to hold plates, cups and saucers etc. in a sort of circular arrangement and throw them up and down, all the while shouting the odds. There was also a building in the market which had pets for sale. I think it may have been called the Sheaf Market but I am not sure. Well I said it was sketchy and I would love to hear any contribution to assist or even hear old memories
  8. Follow this link to you tube to see Owls fans at the Wembley final this year. If fan support was the deciding factor then we would have won hands down. I was proud to be there, I was proud to be a Wednesday fan, and most of all I was proud of our fans. What I was ashamed of was all the empty seats at the Hull end. Lots of Wednesday fans could not get tickets and it would seem that Hull could not sell all of their allocation. There has to be a better way of allocating tickets putting the real fans FIRST.
  9. Just testing !!! and I thought it was only yesterday...................................
  10. Hi Ian I wondered why you said I was there a bit earlier than you and I wonder if you thought the date on the certificate was 1954 as it could be taken for that. In fact it was 1959. I can't remember the dates I was there but it was definitely 1958 and 1959. So we were there at the same time! But I can't remember you, but then it was over a quarter of a century ago and I expect you don't remember me either.
  11. There are quite a few people with a considerable knowledge of the Boys brigade in Sheffield and it is to those people Iam appealing to for help. I never quite made the Boys Brigade but I remember having some good time in the Life Boys. For those who don't know the Life Boys were the first step before being old enough to join the Boys Brigade. Similar to the Cubs and Scouts. I remember marching round the local streets on Sundays with the Boys Brigade band leading and every year, I think it was on Whit Sunday, we marched to Meersbrooke Park if memory serves me right, where we met up with other Boys Brigade and Life Boys from other parts of Sheffield. Here is where I need some help as I can't remember. The boys Brigade / Life Boys I was in met at the Methodist Church in Anns Road, which I believe is now the Sheffield Chinese Chistian Church. Does any one know the name company etc.? They were happy days !!!!
  12. Hi Ian It's on the diving certificate! - Peter Bownes I took the tram too it started at the Town Hall all the way to the terminus. Those were the days!
  13. Hi Ian, Yes I went to Rowlinson too in the late 50's. I moved there from Greystones school. I can't remember how long I was there becase we moved house and I then went to Dinnington Tech. You mentioned Mr Brennan and that rang a bell with me and I started rummaging through "the archives". Sure enough J.P. Brennan was the teacher who encouraged me at diving (off a diving board not underwater) and I won the under 15 district swallow diving championship award, under his guidance. These championships were held at the King Edward V11 swimming pool Sheffield. He was the Hon. Sec. of the City of Sheffield schools swimming association. I have attached a copy of my certificate, albeit a bit tatty, and you can see that he is one of the signatories. My prize was free entry for a year to any of the Sheffield municipal swimming pools and I made good use of it. If I remember correctly my class was 2/14. ...................................Memories!!
  14. My first car was a 1959 Ford Prefect similar to the one here. It was a 100e side valve engine with 3 forward gears and the windscreen wipers were not electric but somehow worked off a pressure system to do with the engine. This arrangement worked fine if you were travelling on level ground but if you went up a hill the engine took most of the pressure leaving the wipers to fend for themselves, slowing to an almost stop. Of course the good news was that on reaching the summit of the hill and starting to descend the wipers took on a life of their own and went like the clappers ! It was for all that a good car which I sold in the late 60,s for £65. I wish I had kept it as now they are worth several thousand pounds. Hindsight is wonderful. What was you first car and memories?