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  1. 1964?. Bo Diddley was one of my favourite American R&B singers at the time and I was quite excited when we heard that he was coming to the Mojo. As usual, we waited outside in good time and saw the band arrive in a minibus and troop into the main entrance. A few minutes later there was a bit of a commotion, they all came out again and drove away. I don’t remember if we were given any explanation at the time but Pete Stringfellow confessed the true story in his autobiography. Apparently he had over-estimated the popularity of Bo Diddley and the queue was too small to make a profit, so he pulled the fuses and pretended there was an electricity failure.
  2. I went there for a while in the late 60s, it was quite exotic for Sheffield at the time. There were two separate entrances, one for the casino (no booze) and one for the night club. The night club had a stage, dance floor, bar and a restaurant. I remember seeing Bitter Suite on stage. For me it was a step up from the Mojo. Roger