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  1. Broomhill Library

    Despite being a "staunch churchman" he is buried in the unconsecrated part of the General Cemetery.
  2. Broomhill Library

    The family of John Fanshaw LITTLEWOOD, cooper and packing case maker, lived there from at least 1872 to the deaths of John Fanshaw in 1904 and Martha his wife in 1910. They were probably there in 1871 when their address is simply listed as 'Taptonville'. In the 1911 census it looks as though this person has moved in (from Sheffield Indexers)... Lee, Arthur S (, Director & Secretary (Arthur Lee & Sons Ltd, Crown Street Rollling Mills). Address: h. 10 Taptonville Road, in 1911. Recorded in: Whites Directory of Sheffield & Rotherham - 1911. There are several references to it as Oriel House
  3. 1965 image of these properties prior to demolition: Junction of Eyre Street and Charles Lane 1965
  4. 1896 Insurance Map Eyre St left, Charles Lane bottom. "P.H." = Foresters Arms [beerhouse]
  5. (with apologies for the offensive racist language at the end)
  6. In 1887 the Sheffield Weekly Telegraph looked back at these events and reminded readers of the location of the School of Anatomy: (10 Dec 1887)
  7. 1951 map showing the locations mentioned above...
  8. Mixed Babies (1905) The first scene shows the grocer's shop at 144 Providence Road (Walkley). This building no longer exists but at the end of the scene there is a glimpse up the street of no. 126 which is still there. The reminder of the film (which is incomplete) shows Walkley Crescent Road with nos. 174-178 (I think). I recently discovered the grave of the wife of Frank Storm Mottershaw in Walkley Cemetery, buried with her parents.
  9. Gp Showing Off

    James Hurd KEELING (Picture Sheffield)

    In the 1910 US census Frederick and Mary Ann were living in Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco. Frederick was a draughtsman (ironwork). A family tree at ancestry suggests they returned to England before WW1. Frederick (as Frederick William) and Mary Ann are buried at City Road... FIDLER, Frederick William (Draghtsman, age 83). Died at Nether Edge Hospital; Buried on November 18, 1929 in Consecrated ground; Grave Number 12587, Section X of City Road Cemetery, Sheffield. FIDLER, Mary Ann (Wife of Frederick, age 74). Died at 12 Herries Rd; Buried on April 3, 1928 in Consecrated ground; Grave Number 12587, Section X of City Road Cemetery, Sheffield. Hugh
  11. Wells family in Ecclesall

    Hello Dave, Welcome to Sheffield History. Ecclesall Bierlow has different meanings in different contexts: Township, Poor Law Union, Civil Parish or Registration District? Some names, and some idea of the date are essential. Hugh
  12. I'm guessing the 'on 30' should be before the 'March 2017' Which is a pity as I will be away...at the Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference in Durham. Hugh
  13. Brightmore St

    Alfred Wells, news agent, is listed in directories 1905-1925 at 2 Brightmore Street (corner of Upper St Philip's Road) - see the 1950's map above. (I posted the following on FaceBook) Dating the photo: The "Trap Accident" in Hathersage took place on Thursday 27th April 1911. It didn't make the papers on the 28th, so this photo was probably taken on Saturday 29th. The 'Empire Matinee' 'to help the cripples' is advertised for Saturday 13th May (it looks like the 11th in the photo but I am pretty sure it must say the 13th) Sheffield Daily Telegraph 29 Apr 1911 Independent 13 May 1911