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  1. I think that seller is having a laugh - a lot of her stuff is really overpriced from what I can tell I'm really surprised that they don't try calling and saying something along the lines of 'listen, it's sheffield city archives here, we'll give you £90'- the number is at the bottom of the eBay listing. Or, if these really are worth that much on the open market, with the gravitas of The City of Sheffield behind them as a guarantee, offer a small fee to borrow the photos, scan them, and return. Selling rights and percentages to be negotiated if need be
  2. Well I think Edmund got there before me, I got bored of my reply disappearing in a puff of smoke
  3. anyone else having problems posting ? for what it's worth, this is what I was trying to post on Wednesday: I'd say it's something similar to a Fire Hydrant I initially thought it might be V for Vent as in sewer vent, but then I found this website (scroll down near the bottom) which suggests it could be an old Fire Hydrant sign or maybe a Valve for the water main http://mike.da2c.org/igg/rail/00-app1/st-furn.htm
  4. Here's the Stepping Stones at the turn of the 20th Century
  5. I reckon this picture (the other Hudson Jnr) is the Stepping Stones in what is now Endcliffe Park (the view is roughly West / North West) anyone else feel the same ? (and if so, is that church on the horizon in Fulwood ?)
  6. Looking at the '519' markings - they look to me like they could be '519 Clean K......' (or 519 Clean Hudson) and what looks like '519 Varnish' - if so they're likely to be associated with Arthur Whitcombe's possible restoration
  7. I was reframing something yesterday and found this little piece of social history - judging by the style of frame and the fact the paper was trimmed to fit, it must have been on display in an office or canteen. Anyway, enjoy.... It's gone back in the frame for another 25 or so years Got some more nice little surprises in the coming weeks
  8. yup - transformer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Listed_buildings_in_Sheffield_S11#/media/File:Electric_Transformer,_Greystones_Rd,_Sheffield.JPG
  9. ...streetview screengrab in case memories need jogging:
  10. There's the site of one on Silver Hill, Ecclesall Road just below the church. Looks like it's where the monumental mason's hut was located (now a little coffee shop). Question is - is that nice stone gateway part of the original pinfold, or put there subsequently by the mason ?
  11. can we see the writing that's open to interpretation ? can you also tell what this says on the frame ? (think it's R Hudson 18xx though, but might confirm the date at least) Edit: I'm wondering if 519 is an exhibition ticket - maybe even one of the RA exhibitions (sadly the RA Summer exhibition catalogues aren't online yet)
  12. If it is Sheffield (and it may well be Nottinghamshire) then I think it must be further up in the hills See the chimney in the foreground on the right - at the top of that does anyone see that line as the crest of a bank/ridge/spur ? It must be pretty steep because there's a gable end just in front of it
  13. I'm assuming you don't have access to see if anything is written on the back of the frame If not then the place where you photographed it might have more information in their catalogue (I've tried an image search but today Google is insistent that I'm actually looking for paintings of the River Hudson) Can you tell what the writing at the bottom of the frame says (I suspect it's R. Hudson and a date but that's a guess) Other than that it's a number of cottages by a small river [edit to add] i think a bloodyminded search along the rivers on the NLC maps are in order... [edit again] I want to suggest Norton Hammer, but I don't think it fits (the tree line in the distance is too low) [final edit] I reckon it's a millpond not a river, therefore the view possibly looks vaguely North (assuming Sheaf or Porter, I have another theory about the number of mature trees given this was painted only twenty or so years after the great flood)
  14. ...oh I've been hiding from you lot... Thanks for all the replies, now I've an admission. I dug out my Toga chisel and guess what it says: "Toga - Sheffield Made - Warranted" Amongst other things this means I must have another Toga chisel somewhere, but I wondered if the 'Sheffield Made' stamp could refer to the steel rather than the actual chisel - or would that have been a bit cheeky...? Edit: This chisel is pretty old, pre 60's I would have thought - i'll get a photo or two up when I can
  15. Does anyone have a potted history of Toga ? I've a couple of old chisels marked Toga, but there's no 'Sheffield' stamp - I thought they were a Sheffield company, but then after a couple of fairly fruitless Google expeditions assumed they might not. I see the odd 'for sale' listing that quotes Toga as a Sheffield brand, but without seeing the stamp I'm treating that information as suspect...