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  1. I should know, as almost every time I am in Sheffield I drive past the Phoenix but I suppose that road is so familiar that I don't really notice. It certainly looks like it was still there last time the Google Streetview car went past in 2012,-1.3972497,3a,83.9y,149.68h,62.81t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sQjuioACabReMZCULlEap-w!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1
  2. As confirmed by this 1894 map, from .A history of the Phoenix Works. Having had a quick read of this I am amazed that it only closed in 1988! Wish I had been paying more attention to local history back then.
  3. One thing often leads to another, and in this case the Barclays Archive led me to the Martins Bank Archive, which is more informative about the branches in the city, including photos of some of the people who worked there. Martins Bank Archive. 11-73-70, Martins Bank Sheffield, including the sub-branches at The Moor, Bank Street & the University
  4. I happened upon the Barclays Bank Archive yesterday evening. Some interesting images of Barclays and Martins branches, a few spelling mistakes and a couple of photos which look to me to be completely mis-labelled. Barclays Archive Fitzalan Square, supposedly. The first three don't look like Fitzalan Square to me!
  5. Took these a couple of weeks ago: Paradise Street looking rather naked. I was told by one of the men putting it all back together that the numbers on the setts indicate the depth of them.
  6. I can't see anything from the chassis numbers (which are rather random) to indicate that 555 was built separately to the rest of the batch (537-557). Unfortunately I do not know about the body numbers which might be of more use, as it is the interior which you recall as being different. I need to dig deeper into the chaos of my "library" at some point. The Shiregreen routes were 150 and 151.
  7. Until a couple of days ago I had never heard of this programme, but I have now and I understand that this is something to do with it. I happened upon this during a perambulation which took me along Egerton Lane.
  8. On the list of date stones in this topic Industry Place is quoted as being 1853. I would suggest, from a photo taken today, that it might be 1833:
  9. The horse tramway in Chesterfield ran from Low Pavement to Brampton. It was only when the line was electrified that it was extended through the town centre to Whittington, so this picture must date from 1904. The picture appears in Tramtracks and Trolleybooms by Barry M Marsden (ISBN 0 9512793 3 5) where it is also described as looking down Knifesmithgate during the construction of the Whittington line.
  10. There is a topic on this forum about the Yorkshire Engine Company Of note is the fact that the factory is actually still standing and is now owned by Chesterfield Special Cyliniders.
  11. Bus on a roundabout, 1972
  12. Agreed. Always good to see photos of my part of town, being born & raised near Townend. Not that I remember what Gleadless Road used to look like around the Heeley & Sheffield, but some of the other shots are familiar to me. The postmaster in the 1960s was Artie Elliott. The library at Manor Top was Manor Library. Gleadless Library is on White Lane. It used to look like this, but that building has been replaced. Glad to see it is still open, though. It was at Gleadless Library that my love of books and reading was born. Visits to my grandfather who lived in Charnock often included a stop at what was then the new library where as many books as could be borrowed at once by my parents were selected for me to read over the coming week or two.
  13. There have been several planning applications put in for the conversion of The Sportsman into flats in the last couple of years, but the City Council planning portal is not forthcoming about the outcome of these at the moment.
  14. My other half has a contact on Preston Market who keeps back anything Sheffield related for us to have first refusal. This turned up this week and I could not resist. The list of royalty suggests to me that it dates from between 1820 and 1830, so I can accept it being a bit battered around the edges. Some interesting implements listed on there.
  15. Although we had a couple of looks at this one and I suggested Attercliffe Road at the junction with Lovell Street and Royds Mill Street i did not have any evidence to back up my thinking. Having been browsing Picture Sheffield in connection with the ***** Garage topic I came across this image. I think the building just in front of the petrol station sign (is that GULF?) are the ones to the left of the tram in the mystery shot. The disposition of the wall alongside Attercliffe Road and the windows in the roof of the building in the far distance seem to correspond as well.