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  1. Footprint Tools

    And I took this view looking up Hollis Croft in early August 2017
  2. Footprint Tools

    A few photos of the Footprint Works on Hollis Croft which I took in August 2016. When I was young I was fascinated by the factory having a bridge over the road and my father would divert that way on my behalf whenever we were in the area.
  3. Street Name Signs

    The maps I have looked at have an annoying gap from 1906 (Green Lane) to one revised in 1914 but not published until 1924 (Scarsdale Road). Even with the time lag often seen with maps it looks like the renaming was in the early 20th Century.
  4. W. H. Parkin & Sons

    Still standing empty and rather forlorn last week:
  5. Cobbled Streets

    Another stretch of cobbles looking a little worse for wear: Devonshire Lane (at the Eldon Street end). The cobbles appear to continue all the way along to Trafalgar Street in varying states of disrepair
  6. Street Name Signs

    Another enamel sign. This one used to intrigue me when I was young as it was the only I knew like it, but I had forgotten it until a conversation with my father last week brought it to mind and was rather pleased to see it still in situ.
  7. Date-Stones on Sheffield Buildings

    I can't believe that I had never spotted this one. I took these photos last week for another purpose and it was only when editing them that I noticed the date above the door Cairns Chambers, Church Street.
  8. Bridge Street Bus Station

    You are right. Before being renumbered in 1973 or 1974 (can't remember exactly when) the 47 and 48 were numbered 150 and 151.
  9. Rotated those images for you, RLongden, to save us all from having to crane our necks. I love that first shot of all the bridges. Must take a stroll along the canal next time I am in Sheffield - it has been a long time since I wandered out that way.
  10. Greenhill Camp airfield 1917-1919

    1924 6-inch map showing the aerodrome, although very little of what was a very large site seems to remain. Some more info and maps at http://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/5642-coal-aston-aerodrome-and-alcock-and-brown/#comment-34747
  11. Sugg Sport on Paragon Street

    Been here before, in 2011 Looks like my email correcting at the time had no effect and the error has remained and is spreading as the image and text appears elsewhere.
  12. Landlord of Malin Bridge Inn

    Indeed It was, and still is, 194 Holme Lane: Malin Bridge Inn in the A-Z lists
  13. Mace's Pet Shop.

    Cropped from a September 1952 photo of a tram on Exchange Street:
  14. The figure is Vulcan by Boris Tietze, made in 1962. Click on the small image on the linked page for larger images of the work.
  15. Tram Locations

    I think I have got this one at last . I am fairly sure that the two houses on the right are 14 and 16 Sheffield Road, part of a block of 4 houses between the Burns Hotel and the works beyond, more or less opposite Tinsley Tram Depot. In 1925 14 Sheffield Road was a newsagent, and it looks like one here as well. I am surprised that despite the proximity to Weedon Street and Tinsley Depot I can only find one picture which seems to confirm my thoughts which is on the Tramway Museum website: http://ntm.adlibhosting.com/detail.aspx?parentpriref=#